What 2022 holds for the advertising industry


After the pandemic recession, the advertising industry in India and globally is recovering much faster than expected. According to Mediabrands’ Magna report, digital and TV are showing upward growth. The report also predicts a good recovery for traditional media, like print, which have been impacted due to the pandemic. For media like OOH and experiential, the recovery will be slower, but there is hope that 2022 will bring some joy.

As consumer sentiment turns positive and brands are increasingly willing to spend more on advertising, e4m sat down with a few experts to understand what we can expect from 2022, and here’s what ‘they say :

More card ad revenue

Sanjeev Goyle, CEO, OOH & Rural – IPG Mediabrands India, predicts “achhe din” for the advertising world in the coming year. Some reports have made similar predictions.

“The 2022 outlook for India looks positive with the expectation of a +15% increase in advertising revenue. a bleak effect on the first quarter of 2022. However, the latter part of the year should see momentum as brands experiment and spend more on ads to reach their audiences across all platforms,” Goyle told e4m.

He noted: “Digital and TV are likely to be evenly matched in ad spend. With lighter Covid-19 restrictions, print, radio and OOH advertising should also see an accelerated recovery if no radical changes are implemented.

Socially relevant campaigns

In 2021, many brands have also moved towards goal-oriented marketing. We’ve also seen agencies come up with wonderful ideas to solve consumer problems. So, there’s been a shift from hard selling to storytellers also becoming problem solvers, and that’s a trend we hope will continue.

“The pandemic has made most aware of the vulnerability of human existence and made businesses realize that being empathetic is no longer a choice. Advertising will increasingly need to reflect this side of business. Commerce Heartless won’t go over well. Campaigns with strong socially relevant themes will see an increase,” shares Lloyd Mathias, business strategist and marketing expert, former marketing manager for HP Asia, Motorola India and PepsiCo.

IoT, AI, ML, NFT and 5G

Youth and technology are going to be the two main engines of growth. These two segments offer marketers and advertisers the opportunity to explore, experiment and evolve in new avenues, reaching beyond their traditional territories to convert the opportunity into a win-win situation, says Goyle.

IoT, AI, and ML are advancing across industries, and as a creative industry, leaders need to keep up with the rapid advancements in these technologies. 2022 is predicted to be a year of growing demand for integrated content creation, AI-driven gamification, and blockchain services in digital marketing.

“This will increase the number of NFTs created by innovative brands. A trend to watch in 2022 is animated conversations, in which brands will use 3D characters and interactive storytelling for digital advertising. The development of 5G has already intrigued a massive population. As the 5G network scales up, it will be an important driver for the growth of IoT and other intelligent automation applications. All of these advances are just the tip of the iceberg. Much more awaits us,” says Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO and co-founder of Chimp&z Inc.

Nano and virtual influencers will increase

With the widespread acceptance of social media and the increase in the user base, 2021 has been a turning point year for influencers, especially micro, nano and even virtual influencers.

“With such advancements in market research and technology, 2022 will see further expansion of the influencer marketing industry to adapt to changing business needs. The application of AI and ML in marketing platforms social media will be another breakthrough that will affect how content is produced and communicated by influencers among audiences in 2022,” says Neha Puri, CEO and Founder of Vavo Digital.

Moment Marketing will become mainstream

“Instant marketing will become mainstream. This means that advertising and communication will have to be more adapted to real-time developments and not just to pre-planned themes,” explains Mathias.

But you have to be very careful while free-riding.

When badminton champion PV Sindhu became the first Indian woman to win two Olympic medals this year, several brands ran social media ads with her photos and name along with their logo and branding to congratulate her. She is chasing them now.

The rise of regionalism

Regionalism will be one of the dominant themes in the years to come. As people receive more content that is culturally relevant or related to their place of origin or residence, we will see them turn to themes and proposals that interest them.

“Many new regional language and multilingual platforms have emerged over the past two years. Testing the waters with them to connect with your audience would be a wonderful idea to consider in 2022,” says Dinesh Juneja, Founder of Emporiom- Digital Marketing Agency.

Hybrid Model Marketing

“We will witness a market of end users who have witnessed two difficult years of the pandemic. Keeping in mind the expected supply chain challenges in the industry, price dynamics in the market need to be carefully managed, creating the right value propositions,” says Deba Ghoshal, Vice President and marketing manager at Voltas.

Ghoshal also noted, “Digital will continue to be the backbone of all consumer awareness decisions. In particular, research, social and influencing strategies need to be carefully crafted. However, in 2022, brands must continue to drive their omnichannel presence, integrating digital, electronic and on-the-ground activations. A strategic decision must be made by all marketers to embrace the hybrid marketing model that will enable brands to enhance their physical and digital presence to create real-time customer delight.

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