Violence Against Asian Americans – How the Ad Industry Can Combat Hate


Read or watch the news and sadly you see that anti-Asian hate incidents are still happening in many parts of the country.

In mid-July, an Asian couple was whipped and had a watch stolen in broad daylight from a grocery store parking lot in California’s San Gabriel Valley. In July, a man in New York was charged with throwing unidentified liquid, spitting and screaming at two Asian women in a subway station. That same month, the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission reported that in 2020 and 2021, anti-Asian incidents increased nearly 200% statewide and that anti-Asian crimes increased. increased by 300%.

In early August, a Whole seven-company mini-mall in Little Saigon in Oakland, California, was broken into and ransacked. And one of our former 3AF members, Greg Chew, who is a former San Francisco arts commissioner, was brutally assaulted and beaten on August 2 just blocks from his home. The list is lengthened increasingly.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing consumer segment, and the issue of anti-Asian hatred is a priority for us. It is essential that our community is covered by the media and that something is done about these heinous attacks.

With the country’s increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, fortunately, there is a greater awareness of the value that various segments bring to our community. It’s 2022, everyone! Attacks on anyone based on their race, culture, sexual orientation or opinions should not be tolerated, ever.


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