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United Methodist Communications’ faith-based ad campaign reminds us that local churches don’t pause to serve and serve communities.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Summer may be vacation time, but United Methodist Communications’ faith-based advertising campaign reminds us that local churches aren’t pausing to serve and serve communities. The ads expand to other outlets while encouraging people to join The United Methodist Church in embarking on a season of togetherness. Ads will run this week June 19.

“It has been noted that churches generally see a drop in summer attendance,” shared Poonam Patodia, director of marketing for United Methodist Communications. “While local church programs may look a little different in the summer, we want to create awareness and interest in The United Methodist Church during the summer and beyond. local church can rely on these advertisements.”

This season sees a new slate of ads rolling out to engage people on TikTok and Snapchat. The eye-catching and fun videos aim to draw people visually through the apps and then physically to their local United Methodist Church. The ads are invitations to experience a community where people connect with God and each other and where faith impacts life and helps create a joyful outlook on life.

“I’m very excited about these TikTok and Snapchat ads because the energy is wonderful and the music is going so well,” exclaimed Dr. Michelle Maldonado, Director of Publicity and Researcher Communications. “They feel very authentic to the platforms…I think that authenticity will make the ads feel more relevant and resonate well with the users of those apps.”

Building on the spring campaign, messaging will again utilize digital signage and video, including social media, websites, search engines, advanced television and billboards, collectively targeting adults ages 18-49 in 30 major markets representing major national and Hispanic communities. Each announcement directs people to one of two limited-time landing pages on UMC.org/Together and UMC.org/Juntos to begin their relationship with The United Methodist Church.

“We want to equip all local churches in the denomination to use these ads in their communities through their communication channels and connections. The ResourceUMC.org/Together resource tools website provides access to previously created ads and new videos TikTok and Snapchat,” said Jennifer Rodia, director of communications at UMCom. “United Methodist Communications also provides content and tools to support individuals, wherever they are on their journey of faith and in their relationship and role within The United Methodist Church.”

Each year, United Methodist Communications implements a series of advertising campaigns. Each generates awareness of The United Methodist Church among spiritual seekers, those who are not affiliated with a church and who may be seeking community with others. They serve as an invitation to connect with a local United Methodist Church to find out what it offers individuals, whether they choose to participate in person or online.


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