TikTok Advertising Agency – AccuraCast

TikTok Advertising Agency – AccuraCast

Drive explosive growth on TikTok. Work with influencers to grow your brand through authentic engagement and creators who produce content made specifically for TikTok. Acquire new fans, increase traffic and increase sales.

Connect with your audience

Complete marketing and advertising services, to put your brand in front of 1 billion TikTok users. Make your brand go viral, create trends, and drive traffic, downloads, and sales with content your customers will love.

TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the world, with more active viewers than YouTube in some markets.

TikTok growth strategy

Whether you want to drive traffic to your site, gain more sales, or acquire new app users, we can create TikTok ad campaigns to specifically match your business goals.

TitkTok offers professional solutions for your creative, community and business needs:
  • Applications open to influencers
  • Creators Marketplace
  • Spark Announcements
  • creative exchange
  • Dynamic scene
  • TikTok purchases
  • Lead generation
  • Dynamic Showcase Ads
  • Gesture announcements
  • Direct purchases

Finding the right digital marketing agency was a minefield. After working with a few different companies, I could quickly tell with the AccuraCast team that we were in good hands. I really enjoyed working with AccuraCast: very competent and accessible with excellent service.

Jay Harris – Modern Fables

Ready to become a TikTok super-brand?

Why We’re First in TikTok Marketing

We are the UK’s leading Twitter advertising agency, known for creating results-driven advertising campaigns on the social network.


We understand how TikTok works and how people use the service and interact with brands on the app.

Focused on return on investment

Our experts deliver exceptional, measurable results and consistently aim for higher returns.


By monitoring trends and responding with agility to hot topics, we help our clients reach millions of people.

Exceptional support

Call on our additional social media support and training services whenever you need them.


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