The revolution in the outdoor advertising industry


Jakarta. Outdoor media is the oldest form of advertising in the world, and although it is experiencing many changes in terms of format, the same progress is not seen on the data analytics side, especially here in Indonesia. Most services only provide data to a very limited number of outdoor media and do not have a nationwide outdoor media inventory measurable through the same set of KPIs or metrics. Therefore, Nord and Smith, an advertising technology company specializing in data analytics and outdoor media investments, is launching Indonesia’s largest measurable outdoor media inventory this year, revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry. in Indonesia.

Just like the Ojek industry, outdoor media in Indonesia is a very old and mature industry. And today it exists the same way Ojek did about a decade ago, the outdoor advertising industry is leniently regulated, hyper-congested, and lacks a tech-based ecosystem to support supports the entire industry infrastructure. This has a big impact on key industry stakeholders. First, media owners struggle to determine which areas are actually suitable for outdoor advertising. Second, brand managers are afraid of having too much outdoor ad spend because it’s difficult to get accurate data to report, especially when the ad campaign is nationwide. Third, out-of-home media gets very crowded because there’s no way to identify potential areas, and the only way to find out is to build the site and see how well it will sell.

This industry needs and will experience a big change in 2022. Much more advanced and accurate data is expected by brands when investing in outdoor advertisements. Also, through the data, we will be able to determine which outside media outlets are effective in spreading a message across Indonesia, this will greatly help stakeholders such as the government to deliver public service announcements to all Indonesians across the country. country. outdoor media sites in indonesia, a revolution in outdoor media industry in indonesia.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the advertising industry and has changed the behavior of companies in their interactions with their consumers. Additionally, with increased fragmentation and declining viewership, and the rising cost of digital advertising rising approximately 12% per year according to a CNBC report, out-of-home media remains a compelling choice for advertisers when developing campaigns. .

Kavindra Airlangga, CEO of Nord & Smith, believes that the OOH revolution has already begun in Europe, driven by key industry players such as JCDecaux, and in the US we are seeing growth in OOH services. analysis of data from external media that are invested by high-level players. profile investors like Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Government regulations such as the European GDPR have also accelerated the need for outside media data. Thus, the integration between big data and outside media will be the key to start the OOH revolution. Therefore, according to the CEO, a graduate of Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Paris, France, Nord & Smith has established itself as the number 1 OOH marketing partner in Indonesia by providing technology that integrates big data into the outdoor media world.

In 2022, for the first time ever in Indonesia, businesses of all sizes can plan, invest and monitor outdoor campaigns across Indonesia, analyzing its impression, reach and audience profile data, thanks to North and Smith. Over the past 3 years, Nord and Smith has captured impression and reach data in Indonesia and developed a platform that outdoor advertisers can interact with to analyze over 4,000 outdoor media sites in Indonesia.

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