Taking the Marketing and Advertising Industry by Storm


With his creativity, resilience and desire to level the playing field, Bhagyashree Singh has redefined the marketing and advertising space.

Less than a decade after laying groundbreaking foundations with Merakii, she was the creative genius behind several award-winning campaigns. Through the application of new and refined business strategies, she has managed to create a positive brand image for an array of prestigious brands. Looking at the various assignments handled by Bhagyashree, it becomes very clear that she has great passion for her work, immense creativity and a clear understanding of the intricacies of the marketing field.

Being an English graduate with honors from Delhi University and a marketing degree makes Bhagyashree an excellent communicator. Thanks to her excellent communication and active listening skills, she was able to understand and interpret the ideas and requirements of her clients quickly and accurately by translating them onto the web. Full of enthusiasm and extreme positivity, she is inspired by her father and her husband.

Today, under his leadership and oversight, Merakii is going to be thirteen years old and is well recognized as an integrated communications marketing group that offers a wide range of branding solutions to businesses and meets their marketing needs. In the marketing industry, where competition is at its peak, Merakii finds an edge over others in the field with an eclectic knowledge of various verticals/industries and targets PR, advertising and content to shape narratives brand for its customers. Its client list today includes prestigious brands from government, technology, lifestyle industry, education, hospitality and many more. Having various awards and accolades to her name, she also maintains a strong relationship with all of her clients and consistently delivers quality pragmatic results to them. Merakii has its name attached to some of the most spectacular corporate creative strategies not only in the country but worldwide.

As Bhagyashree says, “In life, what you really want will never come easy to you. This can only be achieved with talent, motivation and love for it. This is how Merakii got to where it is today and continues to evolve. Challenges, continuous learning and the desire to explore the wonderful world of this industry nourish me and make me discover, innovate and grow every day.


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