SONIC Goes Inside Guests’ Fanciful Cravings With New Ad Campaign


SONIC® Drive-In today launched a new scripted advertising campaign and creative platform that will penetrate the minds of customers to highlight the brand’s unique personality and menu innovations.

SONIC is known for its variety and signature menu flavors, and the new mmm. SONIC. The campaign will focus on the irresistible food you can only find at SONIC and the mini escape from reality that a visit to the drive-thru brings. From a rustic chophouse warmed by a roaring fireplace, to white-glove service in a dimly lit steakhouse, to a flour-dusted 1950s kitchen filled with grandma’s cookies – each location in the new countryside will explore the experience of food-fueled dreamers as they seek to indulge their SONIC cravings.

His previous creative platform, THIS IS HOW WE SONIC, launched in February 2020 and documented real guests and all the many ways they enjoy SONIC. Just like the memorable TWO GUYS stains that preceded it, THIS IS HOW WE SONIC featured unscripted conversations between people in their cars at drive-thru locations. While customer experience will remain at the heart of the SONIC brand, the new mmm. SONIC. will be a journey to a more imaginative and creative place with spots that blend beautifully crafted sets, lyrical music and a whimsical energy that showcases SONIC’s fun and lighthearted brand identity.

“Our SONIC culinary team constantly brings unique and irresistible flavors to our menu, offering customers something new and exciting every time they visit their local drive-in. In our recent commercials, our brand has always come to life through the eyes of others, and as a result, there are so many stories that we never got the chance to tell,” says Lori Abou Habib, Director of SONIC marketing. “This is a new era for SONIC – an era where we can unabashedly claim who we are and take credit for our innovative menu offerings and the SONIC experience you won’t find anywhere else.”

Developed in partnership with SONIC’s signature creative agency, Mother Los Angeles, the mmm. SONIC. creative platform will seek to manifest those moments when desires capture the imagination. To inspire customers to imagine their own oasis and discover a new reason to crave SONIC, the commercials will feature unique and highly sought-after menu items, starting with the limited-time Chophouse Cheeseburger. The initial spot explores a father’s craving for the boldly seasoned cheeseburger during his child’s football game, taking him on a journey into a Montreal Chophouse-inspired daydream that’s covered in a comedic jingle and banjo.

“Every visit to SONIC feels like a mini escape from the real world, which is why we set out to create a unique place where people go to get their cravings fulfilled,” says Jed Cohen, Creative Director at Mother LA. “It’s both a place people visit when they need a joyful escape from the everyday, and a place that doubles down on the utterly irresistible food that is unique to SONIC.”

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