Social Matte Media: A step towards improving the marketing and advertising industry


The power of social media has revolutionized the marketing and advertising industry. By leveraging the power of popular social networks, you can increase the reach of brands and Yash Vashishtha is an expert in this.

A Mumbai native, Yash is now the owner of the leading social media marketing agency named Social Matte Media which follows the latest trends and comes up with innovative ideas to grow its clients’ business online.

Teaming up with the best people in the industry, Yash has worked with multiple clients and elevated their businesses with his strategic skills. Covid-19 has been a curse across multiple industries including the marketing and advertising industry. To turn this curse into a boon, Yash invented Social Matte Media.

By converting digital news portals into marketing portals, Yash not only elevated the marketing and advertising industry, but also gained a lot financially. “My team decided to create media portals on multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. This helped us achieve the goal of having a broader reach for the client’s project,” says Yash .

Yash’s journey to becoming a renowned social media marketer has been exemplary. Starting from scratch, today he and his team have built a network of over 1000 media portals that has over 800 million audience networks.

To elevate the business of existing and new customers, Yash monetized media portals. Now businesses wishing to promote their brand can approach Social Matte Media and do their job for a nominal fee.

People looking for an opportunity to improve their social media marketing skills can also turn to Social Matte Media as they are open to young talent.

Yash’s initiative to come up with Social Matte Media has not only benefited the advertising and marketing industry, but also helped other digital marketing aspirants come up with innovative ideas and make a difference. Yash always strives to ensure that its customers always get the best possible services and we are sure that Yash’s attitude of keeping customer requirements first will always pave the way for its goals.


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