SimpliSafe is launching a new advertising campaign highlighting its commitment to protecting


Creative brings to life the fact that “there is no safe like SimpliSafe”

BOSTON, September 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SimpliSafe®, maker of award-winning home security systems, today unveiled a new multi-channel advertising campaign called “In Here”. The campaign shines a light on the enormous responsibility that comes with protecting someone’s home and life, highlighting how together SimpliSafe’s cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge professional monitoring can meet the mission of company to “secure every home”.

‘In Here’, which will air on TV and digital, is a notable departure from SimpliSafe’s most recent premiere, which took on a more humorous tone and featured a fictional burglar.

“As a company, we believe security is a fundamental necessity. That’s why we’re focused on delivering advanced security that’s also accessible and affordable,” said Scott Brown, Director of Growth and Head of Marketing at SimpliSafe. “We hope this campaign shows how seriously we take our mission to protect people, and that our customer-obsessed team is especially focused on keeping them safe when it matters most.”

“In Here” is part of the SimpliSafe brand’s recent relaunch, which began rolling out last month. The rebranding includes a new messaging framework and a renewed look and feel, which represents the company’s core values ​​including advanced security, comprehensive protection, excellence in professional monitoring services and value.

“With this brand relaunch, we wanted to stay true to our heritage and namesake of simplicity, but with a real shift in tone and focus to show the sophisticated technology that goes into our products and how much we stand behind them.” , continues Braun. “Superior security and affordability need not be at odds. In fact, that’s exactly what we offer consumers: award-winning technology, a complete system, and professional monitoring excellence at a affordable price.”

“In Here” will air on major national broadcast networks, national cable and major streaming networks, such as Hulu, Peacock and Discovery.

With the relaunch and increased focus on unparalleled protection, SimpliSafe will also introduce Fast Protect™ technology, which will allow customers to receive a faster response during emergency events when time is of the essence. Fast Protect™ brings together SimpliSafe’s latest innovations through its award-winning hardware, software and highly trained and experienced surveillance professionals to provide unparalleled emergency response.

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About SimpliSafe
SimpliSafe fundamentally changed the alarm industry, pioneering a new way to make home the safest place in the world for everyone. Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe protects millions of people today and is committed to achieving its founding goal: making every home safe. SimpliSafe has been named the top choice for home safety by several highly reputable publications and was recently awarded “Best Overall Home Security System of 2022by US News & World Report. SimpliCam, SimpliSafe, and the SimpliSafe logo are registered trademarks of SimpliSafe, Inc. in the United States and other countries.



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