Scandic launches a new communication concept and a Nordic advertising campaign


Today, Scandic is launching a new communication concept, “Your Friend in Town”as well as the company’s first international advertising campaign since 2018. The concept is based on the local knowledge and personalized service that Scandic offers in 270 hotels in 130 destinations and aims to create a more emotional brand for Scandic.

“The hospitality industry has been through tough times, but having guests return so quickly is clear evidence that people are keen to travel, meet and reunite. That’s why we’re so excited to increase to new visibility and to launch a common campaign in all our markets – the first for some time”, says Marcus Hammarström, director of brand and marketing at Scandic Hotels Group.

The concept is part of the new Scandic brand platform launched this winter. This will allow the company to communicate more forcefully in all markets and strengthen the emotional connection with new customers.

“Your Friend in Town” builds on the local service concepts and personalized attention that Scandic always delivers. With 270 hotels in 130 destinations, Scandic aims to be seen as a reliable friend that makes your trip easier and helps you navigate a new city. For guests looking for a warm welcome, a good night’s sleep, and a little better start to the day, there’s always a Scandic nearby.

The new advertising campaign, based on the company’s new communication concept, highlights some of the everyday situations where a hotel stay can make a big difference, such as when you are visiting in-laws or need a peaceful night’s sleep.

“A night in a hotel doesn’t always have to involve a long trip or a huge cost. Sometimes it can be a way to take a break from everyday life to energize yourself or enjoy better relationships. Through this campaign, we want to opening up to new customers – offering them a glimpse of our world, arousing curiosity and conveying a more moving image than we have before”, continues Marcus Hammarström.

The new campaign was developed by advertising agency Drum. It will launch on October 17 in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany and will run for five weeks with a focus on digital channels, screens, cinemas and outdoor advertising.

“It’s fantastic to work with Scandic, a brand that is highly trusted and widely recognized across the Nordics. A hotel stay is so much more than just a bed to sleep in – it’s your home away from home when you’re traveling, a friend in a city you may not know anyone in. With this new communication approach, we aim to convey that and create a stronger bond with people. customers who visit Scandic less often.” says Emil Thelander, Managing Director of Drum.

The new campaign will also feature the Nordic Swan eco-label for the first time. Scandic has worked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for nearly 30 years, and in 2022 and 2023 all Scandic Ecolabeled hotels will be recertified based on their new, stricter environmental criteria.

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About Scandic Hotel Group

Scandic is the largest hotel company in the Nordic countries with more than 280 hotels, in operation and under development, in more than 130 destinations. The company is the leader in integrating sustainability into all operations and its award-winning Design for All concept ensures that Scandic hotels are accessible to everyone. Popular with guests and employees, the Scandic Friends loyalty program is the largest in the Nordic hospitality industry and the company is one of the most attractive employers in the region. Scandic is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Oscar Brehmer


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