Real Media SLC will lead an advertising campaign for a local waste management company


Atlas Disposal selects a Utah-based marketing agency to lead online marketing and optimization efforts to promote their services to commercial and residential waste disposal and recycling customers.

Founded in 2013, Real Media SLC specializes in promoting businesses through many different marketing channels. Their experienced team is focused on creating the right content with the right message to reach each client’s intended audience. They welcome the opportunity to promote Atlas Disposal as they strive to make a difference in communities and businesses in California and Utah.

Atlas Disposal is a local waste management company that prides itself on being big enough to meet the needs of its customers while remaining small enough to care about everyone. Their locally based customer service teams translate to faster response times to questions and concerns. In addition to waste disposal, Atlas is committed to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint by adopting environmentally responsible practices such as the use of renewable natural gas, traditional recycling and food waste recycling. organic.

“I am thrilled to be involved in promoting Atlas Disposal both locally and online,” said Taylor Cameron, president of Real Media SLC. “I have great respect for all the company does to responsibly manage the waste we all produce while promoting efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. My team’s combined experience in graphic design, content marketing, web design and lead generation will increase customer acquisition, helping the business grow.

Over the past nine years, Real Media SLC has built an extensive network of contacts in Utah, including the professional football team, REAL Salt Lake, and their home ground Rio Tinto Stadium. A long-time partner of Utah’s six largest radio stations, Real Media SLC offers its customers unparalleled access to live advertising channels.

“While many ad agencies focus on ads, we’re dedicated to building community connections,” said Taylor Cameron. “We find that connecting our clients’ brand with their target audience is a much more effective way to build an expanded customer base and establish brand loyalty.”

Being local themselves, Real Media SLC knows what it takes to serve businesses throughout Utah. Their skilled team can create the content to deliver each client’s unique message, win clients and grow the business.

To learn more about Real Media SLC and how they help companies like Atlas Disposal grow their business, call (801) 441-5763 or visit

About the elimination of Atlas

Atlas Disposal offers waste disposal services throughout Utah’s Wasatch Front, including Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties.


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