Promomedia Iraq acquires advertising for Baghdad fairs


JGroup’s Promomedia Iraq has announced the acquisition of “Baghdad Lounge” advertising space at Baghdad International Airport.

Promomedia provides advertising opportunities and a customer interface exclusively in the Baghdad Lounge, a VIP lounge allowing travelers to enjoy luxury service while traveling through the Iraqi national airport.

With this latest acquisition in Baghdad, Promomedia aims to deliver more effective campaigns to advertisers looking to use aviation media. The show offers various creative possibilities that can be explored for ambient or experiential advertising campaigns, and capture the attention of audiences who tend to be more receptive and on the lookout for interesting and exciting new experiences in such a relaxed environment.

The civil aviation sector in Iraq is being further strengthened with the aim of transforming Baghdad International Airport into a hub serving three continents. Therefore, Baghdad Lounge is expected to see a high flow of VIP travelers and Promomedia sees an opportunity to engage frequent travelers through brand activations including running commercials on lounge TVs, food service sponsorship, product sampling and much more.

Patrick Haber, vice-president of JGroup and general manager of Promomedia

Commenting on their partnership, Patrick Haber, Vice President of JGroup and Managing Director of Promomedia said, “We are pleased to be the exclusive advertising partner of Baghdad Lounge. It is a great addition to our sustainable portfolio, owning the largest OOH and digital billboard network, being leaders in digital solutions and holding advertising exclusivity with top TV channels in Iraq, reaching millions of viewers and serving the advertising scene with excellence. .”

“We are pleased to welcome Promomedia to our VIP lounge as an exclusive advertising agency,” said Ahmad Al Yaseri, CEO of Baghdad Lounge, “We are confident that this leading agency in Iraq will provide the best service and the best solutions for advertisers, using the various touchpoints of the Bagdad Lounge to provide a pleasant experience for our travelers.


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