Point S Canada launches a new advertising campaign


BOUCHERVILLE, Quebec — Point S Canada wants to make your next trip a little easier to “bear.”

The company recently launched a national ad campaign featuring campers encountering a 400-pound bear in the woods, along with the slogan “No Stress With Point S.”

In the TV ad, a camper is roasting a hot dog over a fire when he spots a bear trying to eat honey from a beehive. The bear then walks over to the fire, where the camper gives him the hot dog.

“Focusing on a couple’s composure in the face of high-stress situations, the ads send the message that when Point S takes care of your car, journeys become a walk in the park, no matter what.” , the company said.

Advertising agency Publicis Groupe SA produced the Canadian campaign. The offbeat commercials were created for television and radio in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

“The concept of reducing customer stress is well illustrated and fits perfectly into our corporate positioning,” said Patrick Lavoie, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Point S Canada.

For the scenes with the bear, Publicis partnered with Nova Film. The scene with the grizzly, named Tango, was filmed in its enclosure at the Ciné-Zoo Parc in Ste-Anne de la Rochelle, Quebec, before being integrated into the screen during post-production.

“If you’re wondering how the trainer got Tango to attack a fake hive, all he had to do was hide some delicious treats inside,” the company said.


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