Pinnacle Media, a new age advertising agency, is taking the e-commerce space by storm


Canadian agency Pinnacle Media sets higher industry standards by delivering breakthrough systems proven to help e-commerce brands increase profitability and predictability.

Pinnacle Media Inc, is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry by implementing its proven marketing fundamentals into its partners’ customer acquisition journeys, all through paid traffic.

“Scaling online is by no means rocket science and it’s actually a lot easier than many brand owners think. By merging our proven systems into sound eComm brands, we’re able to to drive extremely profitable, persistent and sustainable long-term advertising results that so many brands struggle to achieve, which is where Pinnacle Media Inc. comes in,” said Domenic Iandolo, President and CEO of Pinnacle Media. .

Paid Traffic Agency is leading the charge in helping healthy e-commerce brands increase monthly revenue using paid traffic, helping brands build ubiquity through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and Google Ads. TikTok ads while simultaneously turning them into industry-leading giants.

Domenic says the Pinnacle Media team achieves this by giving clients access to proven customer acquisition methods that their team has forged and tested over the past 3 years. By implementing these systems, e-commerce brands can confidently turn advertising spend into new earned profits.

Before spending a dime on their clients’ ads, the team runs their “ad launch process,” which involves gaining an in-depth understanding of the current ad account performance, their clients’ ideal client, and competing brands.

“This is one of the most important processes we run as an agency, as it allows us to see if there are any notable holes we need to fill before we start spending money on the paid traffic,” Deysi Perez, director of performance at Pinnacle told the media.

For the past 3 years, Pinnacle Media has helped e-commerce brands turn cold audiences into loyal, repeat customers through social media giant advertising platforms. Their big belief is that every online brand should strive to acquire loyal customers, rather than just focusing on generating new ones.

Domenic says “It’s much easier to convert a customer who has purchased from you before and had a great experience doing so, than it is to convert someone who has never heard of you and is initially skeptical about who you are and what you are selling.”

The E-Commerce advertising agency has built a breakthrough proof of concept with its online marketing methods, with the Pinnacle Media team mastering its ability to effectively place appropriate advertisements in front of a brand’s ideal customer.

Lizbeth A, owner of a beauty and cosmetics brand, said in a review, “Pinnacle Media helped me take my social media advertising presence to the next level. They were able to generate insane awareness, which led to tons of sales.

Meanwhile, Barend Kruger, owner of a menswear label, described the Pinnacle Media team as “tremendous”.

“Thank you for fantastic service and the most amazing positive attitude throughout our collaboration,” Barend said in a separate review.

Domenic, for his part, assured his clients that Pinnacle Media constantly stays on the cutting edge of paid traffic techniques to support a modern approach to digital marketing.

“Our customers can be confident in knowing that their end user will be reached through modern media channels. It is our responsibility as an agency to help our client partners seize every possible opportunity to grow,” assured the CEO of the marketing agency.

Pinnacle Media Inc. has become one of the fastest growing paid traffic agencies in Western Canada and has also expanded its customer base to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates and even in some European countries.

Those interested in learning more about Pinnacle Media, or wishing to book a discovery call with them to learn about partnership potential, can view their customer case study on their website and schedule a call accordingly. We’ve left the details to their company below!

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