Pacaso launches its first global advertising campaign


Pacaso, a new real estate startup launched by the CEO of Zillow Spencer Rascoff and tech entrepreneur Austin Allison, named BBH USA and Mediahub its new creative and media agencies, respectively. The brand recently launched “Own It”, its first global campaign focused on strategic markets in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden. The campaign led to nominations at both agencies.

The campaign features homeowners in actual Pacaso locations in California, enjoying luxury ads while reading, relaxing by the pool, working, exercising and spending time with loved ones while a voiceover preaches: ‘It’s different when you own something. It’s a feeling of pride, of confidence, of control.

Pacaso enables consumers to purchase 1/8 to 1/2 ownership of luxury second homes with professional home management and seamless resale. The campaign objective, “Own It”, functions to represent the ease of owning a second home through Pacaso, as well as creating an emotional pull to have an environment that is theirs and that of their loved ones.

“He has a duality that was very intentional,” Whitney Curry, CMO at Pacaso, told Adweek. “Our customers own real estate when they buy with Pacaso, and for 87% of our owners, it helps them acquire a second home for the first time. But it’s more than that, it’s the spirit of owning your today.

In deciding to work with BBH, Curry said it was a no-brainer after meeting with the agency.

“BBH is known for harnessing the power of creativity and tapping into current culture, and they’ve worked with many brands we admire, like Quibble, Netflix, Hulu — the list goes on,” Curry said. “They had the chops and also the cultural relevance, and were able to bring a fresh, modern approach to the creation.”

The same goes for Mediahub, according to Curry.

“Mediahub has a history of working with challenger brands and brands looking to innovate outside of the status quo, which we believe fits our business model,” Curry said.

As for why the two agencies wanted to work with Pacaso, Curry believes it’s a combination of proven success and natural emotional appeal to the company’s mission.

In 2021, the company’s first full year of business, Pacaso generated nearly $300 million in revenue and sold about 400 homes. That, combined with its unique business model and plans to expand into over 30 new second home destinations this year, is exciting for both BBH and Mediahub.

“We love the mission of the Pacaso brand and are excited to partner with them for this next phase of their growth,” Sean Corcoran, US CEO of Mediahub, said in a statement.


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