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Online Advertising Agency for Retail and E-Commerce – AccuraCast

Today’s search and display advertising campaigns rely on advanced marketing technology to identify and target the right people. By working with us, you will ensure that you are addressing the right customers. You’ll even discover new prospects in places you never imagined.

Retail and e-commerce brands we work with

Our technology-driven approach and your industry knowledge combine to create advertising campaigns that get huge results for your retail business.

The retail industry is made up of product niches, each with passionate consumer bases. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to retail advertising. You need a deep understanding of your customer and the right tools to reach them with a powerful message.

Our work in e-commerce advertising opens up millions of new opportunities worldwide, for dynamic startups and multinationals alike. We’ll make your product and industry knowledge work harder than ever to reach new customers and make more sales.

Deeper targeting unlocks unparalleled ad accuracy

People trust a consistent and personalized experience. You can use search, shopping, and display advertising to deliver that experience and earn that trust. Turn new prospects into vocal advocates for your brand by speaking in a voice they recognize, love and act on.

We’ll help you dig deeper into the product category and keyword themes your ad campaigns are targeting. With this targeted and granular approach, we can get creative together to develop messages that delight customers and get the right response.

Open new audiences with machine learning

Think about the performance of your retail business with dynamic ads that adapt in real time. AI technology uses demographic and behavioral data to identify new audiences who need what you sell. Meanwhile, our budget optimization AI works behind the scenes to maximize your ROI and provide customers with an effortless shopping experience.

TrueView for Shopping creates interactive videos on YouTube showcasing your products, while programmatic advertising optimizes where you reach new audiences. We’ll help you create and execute a comprehensive, data-driven marketing plan.

AccuraCast has represented our brand remarkably well to a new audience of sports fans in key European markets, and they have delivered great results.

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Use the latest technologies to automate your campaigns

Your advertising campaigns could take less time, cost you less and get much better results. Custom automation gives you an unfair advantage over the competition through machine learning. Over time, we’ll help you refine your advertising campaigns using performance data to boost their effectiveness and drive more sales.

Today’s marketing technology can optimize everything from keyword targeting and audience profiles to creative concepts. Using the APIs of major platforms, we have developed highly personalized advertising campaigns that get results all over the world.

Optimize your business against the competition

Your Google Shopping ads and Shopping feeds can be made more efficient than ever. Our Price Comparison Service (CSS) reduces your cost per click by 20%, ensuring you never pay more than your competition to get your products seen.

With our powerful technology, you can bridge the gap between digital and physical stores. Local inventory ads can show customers nearby in-store inventory; every touchpoint becomes a valuable source of data with clear context to make it as useful as possible.

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