Noor’s outdoor advertising campaign remains at the top of the rankings with the arrival of new real estate players | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


The real estate industry usually grabs the top spots on the OOH media, so don’t be surprised when you see the real estate industry rise to the top of other industries. nourthe up-and-coming property developer still holds the top spot since June, however, the OOH Arena sees new players joining the competition, such as the two summer projects NAIA BAY and White Sands OOH campaigns, followed by McDonald’s impressive campaign that brought attention to the roads, ranking fourth from the previous month, with a noticeable overall absence from the automotive industry.

Real estate developers saw an increase in their market share, compared to last month, around 10 real estate developers took most of the top spots in this month’s top campaigns, as the spots from 6th to 18th are almost all in the real estate industry, with a few exceptions, including brands returning to OOH media like Cali coast and Keeva.

Vodafone, Etisalatand Orange-molto, all representing the telecom industry’s presence in this month’s top OOH campaigns. the Plasma donation campaign, representing nonprofits, took control of tenth place.

Follow the infographic to see some of the most interesting campaigns that have taken over Cairo’s billboards this month. Plus, with the May Market Snapshot, find out more data and figures on what’s happening on Cairo billboards -is-back-on-track-with-julys-market -insights-showing-74-market-occupancy


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