Monginis celebrates this mango season with a mouth-watering outdoor advertising campaign | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


After last June Display campaign who focused on displaying a beautiful wedding cake for the unforgettable wedding season to all the lovebirds, Monginis, a brand with Indian origins, decides to highlight the fruits of this season. Mango!

One of Egypt’s favorite fruits during the summer season is the mango. The texture, flavor and sweetness leave a smile on our faces. There’s also no denying that a well-baked cake can work wonders! Biting into a perfectly balanced squishy cake makes us feel out of this world.

Now you have these two components intertwined to create a mouth-watering sweet bite? This delicious cake has enjoyed great success in the Egyptian market as the first Display campaign was shared with the public in 2021.

Monginis’ Out-of-Home campaign perfectly showcases a beautiful dessert where nature and sweet, baked and breaded foods come together to ensure a feeling we’re all aiming to achieve in this hot summer. Happiness!

The pastry brand uses a green background on the billboard in an effort to share the freshness of these mangoes. The campaign has a moderate spread in the huge district of Greater Cairo. Deployment of various large media formats.

See Out-of-home monitoring (MOOH), a media intelligence agency and analytics system active in Cairo and Dubai, to learn more about Mongini’s campaign.


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