MOD Pizza’s First National Advertising Campaign Focuses on People


MOD Pizza’s first national advertising campaign, titled “All Pizzas Welcome”, does not emphasize the price or even the quality of their product. Instead, the ad highlights MOD Pizza’s people-focused culture of inclusivity and diversity, both in front of and behind the pizza counter.

“I didn’t want to lead with an LTO or a price-driven initiative, which you think would be the best ROI you could spend on marketing,” MOD Pizza’s chief marketing officer Mark Shambura told Nation’s Restaurant News. “[…] It’s not just a bunch of delicious pizzas: there’s a story for our two pizzas and, importantly, it also includes our employees.

While it may seem like a progressive and fresh take on a traditional pizza chain ad campaign, Shambura said the tone reflects the company’s culture from the start and what continues to attract new customers. to their brand.

“[That aspect of our brand] turns people away from loving us to loving us,” Shambura said. “The number one reason people come to us is because we have delicious pizzas. But deeper down, when you scratch beneath the surface, especially with Gen Z, their expectation for companies to have a positive social impact in the world is table stakes.

Shambura said it’s not just about publicizing good in the world, it’s also about taking action: MOD Pizza recently launched a series of limited-edition cakes called Squad Cakes that are donated to a bridging funds to help their employees, known as the “MOD team”.

These initiatives dovetail perfectly with the jobs crisis in the restaurant industry and help differentiate the brand as a solid career choice for job seekers, Shambura said.

“It’s endemic to who we have been from the start,” he said.

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