MN Senate passes $1 million for police ad campaign


ST. PAUL, MN — The Minnesota Senate on Monday passed a bill that would give the state Department of Public Safety $1 million to develop and conduct an advertising campaign for law enforcement.

The measure is a response to a labor shortage in law enforcement, with positions opening up faster than they can be replaced.

The bill, SF-2848, was drafted by Republican Senator Karin Housley and passed into a larger package of law enforcement-related bills.

There are currently more than 900 law enforcement vacancies statewide, including nearly 300 vacancies in the Twin Cities.according to the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus.

“This bill elevates and honors law enforcement, while encouraging others to explore the opportunities of this noble profession,” Housley said in a press release. “We need to create a pipeline that gives law enforcement the support they need.”

Not everyone agreed with the measure.

Roseville Democratic Sen. John Marty said the $1 million “is not a wise investment and is extremely insensitive at this time.” Marty offered to instead spend $2 million on a state program to recruit police officers from underrepresented groups, but that move failed, the Star Tribune reported.


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