Merrick launches largest ad campaign yet


AMARILLO, TEXAS and EVANSTON, ILL. – Merrick Pet Care announced on March 3 that it was launching the company’s largest marketing campaign to date, centered on the theme that “not all dog food is the same”, extending this state of mind to its cat food and dental products.

“We all want the best possible food for our pets, but there are so many options when it comes to feeding time,” said Barbara Liss, vice president of marketing at Merrick Pet Care. “With this new campaign, we hope to continue to educate pet owners about why our food is different and, in turn, bring more dogs and cats into the Merrick family.”

The campaign launched the first week of March with a focus on its dog products. Merrick has created television and online commercials, as well as paid social posts, digital advertising, shelf advertising and more to spread the word.

Short videos and commercials will demonstrate key attributes of Merrick’s dry dog ​​food products, including more protein, glucosamine and chondroitin – nutrients that support joint health and mobility – as well as meat ingredients. , high-quality vegetables and fruits that come under the brand. formulations.

The cat-focused ad will air in early April, marking the first time Merrick has explicitly advertised its premium cat food products in nearly eight years. The campaign will also include digital advertising for its dog dental treats, highlighting Merrick Fresh Kisses’ unique double-brush design, all-natural ingredients and flavors.

“We often consider ourselves the ‘underdog’ when it comes to ad spend in the pet food category, but we believe this new campaign will help us stand out from the competition,” added Liss.

The company also partners with social media influencers to deliver its campaign message.

Chicago-based The Escape Pod created the campaigns for Merrick, which represents the pet food and treats company’s biggest advertising spend to date. The company is spending more than double its total advertising budget for 2020.

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