McDonald’s celebrates unity in its new summer ad campaign


Created by advertising agency DDB Sydney, the new campaign, which spans TV, digital, outdoor billboards, print and social media, highlights McDonald’s role in customers’ lives during the summer, with a variety of Aussies singing along with Bon Chez Jovi live on a prayer passing through a drive-thru or entering a McDonald’s restaurant for a break on a road trip.

As the fast food chain enters this critical selling period, Mr Brown said he was not concerned about ongoing supply chains affecting supermarket retailers Coles and Woolworths.

“We have an incredibly strong supply chain team, and increasingly we’re sourcing around 90% of our products locally, which insulates us significantly from some of these supply chain challenges,” he said. -he declares.

“That said, we are a large company, so we are very aware of some macro supply chain challenges that other companies face to ensure there is no impact for our customers and our restaurants. during this important time.”

The ad capped a year in which McDonald’s celebrated its 50th anniversary in Australia and was forced to adopt drive-thru and home delivery as customers were unable to enter restaurants due to the restrictions related to COVID-19.

“We’ve been able to future-proof our business in some ways because of the significant investments we’ve made in digital, the investments we’ve made in drive-thru, the investments we’ve made in people and culture,” said Mr Brown says.

It’s McDonald’s ability to invest in innovation, whether through an app or menu innovation like the new Tim Tams McFlurry, that has kept the brand relevant to consumers. Australians, Mr Brown said.

“Our investments, particularly in digital and drive-thru, have been critical, and we will double down on digital in the future. The way we stay relevant is to continue to evolve and innovate, to meet customer needs,” he said.

Noting that McDonald’s was part of Australia’s cultural landscape, Mr Brown said it was important the brand continued to meet customer needs and experiment with its offerings.

“We are currently piloting a loyalty program in South Australia. We are doing a lot of things to make sure we stay relevant, not forgetting that we are also an important part of local communities,” he said.


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