The “Where Better Careers Begin” campaign aimed to raise awareness of the career opportunities available to massage therapists at the brand’s approximately 1,100 franchise locations nationwide

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Massage Envy, the leading national massage provider in the United States, collectively through its franchise network and a national leader in skincare, today announced the launch of “Where Better Careers Begin” , the brand’s first-ever national advertising campaign to highlight the rewarding career of massage therapy and raise awareness of the career opportunities available to massage therapists at its franchise locations nationwide.

“More consumers are focusing on personal care, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, and job growth for massage therapists is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future,” said Beth Stiller, CEO of Massage Envy. “Franchise owners hire thousands of therapists and this ad campaign is aimed to speak directly to those currently in the profession or those considering becoming a massage therapist,” she said.

To emphasize this point, the campaign focuses on two real-life therapists employed by Massage Envy franchise owners, Stephanie Hudson and Linn sandal. Both have previously been recognized as Massage Envy Regional Therapists of the Year for their respective regions. In the 30- and 60-second spots, the two speak from their hearts about why they were drawn to the profession, their personal experiences, and what they find rewarding.

Hudson, a veteran who served in Afghanistan, chose the profession of masseuse as a means of continuing to serve beyond her military commitment. For Sandall, who has suffered from chronic knee pain for years, the decision to become a therapist came after receiving life-changing massage therapy.

The campaign includes a mix of TV, online, radio, digital and social ads. The advertisements were shot on location in Utah in a testimonial-style format, which helps bring Hudson and Sandall’s personal stories to life.

“We wanted to show Linn and Stephanie as the natural, compassionate and professional caregivers that they are. And we wanted to do that in a way that was compelling and illustrated how they positively impact people’s lives through a profession that they love,” said Mary Landrysenior director of creative services for Massage Envy.

The campaign was created and produced by John Hayes and Cheryl Lindquist from the Roscoe agency to Chicagoand led by David Holm of Supply & Demand, Inc. of Venice, California.

Landry added that the “Where Better Careers Begin” campaign follows the brand’s skincare campaign, “Where Better Begins,” which debuted last spring. “This latest campaign is a natural progression of the brand’s message. We want to help people,” she said.

According to a 2021 study by the American Massage Therapy Association, those who enter the field of massage experience high job satisfaction. Ninety-eight percent said they were happy to have entered the profession; 99% also believe that their work has a positive impact on their clients; and respondents rated “helping customers feel better” as the most important factor in their job satisfaction.

“We know this brand and this profession has a lot to offer massage therapists, and we hope this campaign helps motivate great people to join a Massage Envy location, but more importantly, we hope that by sharing the stories from Linn and Stephanie, we can inspire people to consider massage therapy as an incredibly rewarding career option,” said Stiller.

Stiller added that the brand is seeing strong customer demand for massage at its nearly 1,100 franchise locations in 49 states.

“The need for massage therapists today is huge,” she said.

For more information on employment at a franchise facility, please visit the Massage Envy Careers page.

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Massage Envy, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a national franchisor and does not independently own or operate any of the Massage Envy franchise locations nationwide. The Massage Envy franchise network, through its franchises, is the leading provider of massage services. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy has more than 1,100 franchises in 49 states that have together provided more than 190 million massages and facials. For more information, visit or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @MassageEnvy.

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