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Building your business takes hard work and a lot of commitment. As social media has made it more accessible to connect with brands and audiences, the level of competition has also increased along with it. The struggle for visibility and to carve out a place in the online landscape has left countless business owners spending more time than they’ve glued to their phones trying to make impressions, engage their audience and convert leads when they prefer to focus on the big picture.

Digital Marketing Strategist Binh An Nguyen, well understands the overwhelming feeling of building a business from scratch, having done it himself many times. Overcoming his own challenges and working with his clients through the digital advertising agency he founded Digital Marketplace Facility, Binh has helped companies of all sizes achieve their goals. From small local brands to multinational organizations, Binh is an award-winning veteran of business development and building successful brands,

Wanting to forge a path outside of the traditional career paths his migrant family expected of him, Binh made the difficult decision to drop his engineering degree and put his heart into building his own business. “We are a big Vietnamese family with 10 children and I am the youngest. My parents had a traditional view of success with academic excellence and climbing the ladder diligently in a normal 9am to 5pm job. Binh explained, “My decision to drop out of college to pursue business led my dad and I not to speak for months.”

Still, Binh was determined to start a business, leveraging his mastery of computer systems and his passion for design, and creating a path to success that he himself could be proud of. Binh held several low-paying jobs as a kitchen worker, in factories, and in agriculture while honing his craft, eventually building a 7-figure business with no outside help.

Market Ease Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency employing holistic business development strategies; from social media advertising campaigns to search engine optimization and Google Ads services, conversion rate optimization and more. Market Ease’s team of specialists are able to effectively manage all aspects of customer growth, whether it’s generating new leads, consistently converting them into sales, or sustainably scaling your operation at higher level.

Throughout Binh’s journey, he has worked with some of the biggest national brands in Australia and around the world, serving clients in over 6 countries. Some of Binh’s top clients and Market Ease Digital have handled campaigns for Hyundai, Subaru, Etihad Stadium, Sage Automation, Detmold Group, yd., Tarocash, the Australian Federal Government, and even the Obama administration in the United States.

Binh has also presented many high profile national and international events including CEO Institute, CPA Australia, Educate Plus International Conference and many more. Even in his hometown of South Australia, Binh regularly presents to organizations such as SA Leaders, Showcase SA and many others, sharing his experiences for the benefit of the next generation of entrepreneurs. Binh’s efforts have earned him recognition as one of the top 40 business leaders under 40 in 2020.

Entrust your growth to the experts at Market Ease Digital and free yourself to focus on what you do best. Login with Binh An Nguyen and the team of Digital Marketplace Facility thanks to their websiteor their Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages to learn more about how these digital marketing professionals can help you reach your goals and achieve the ROI you’re looking for.


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