London ad campaign outperforms other agencies in new Populus poll


In a pre and post Populus survey of UK ad agency awareness of over 2,000 members of the public, London Advertising demonstrated the power of its TV and outdoor advertising campaign to promote its own brand with an outstanding set of results.

London Advertising launched a major national campaign between July 6 and July 31 with ten TV adverts, featuring Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, on 9,000 spots on Sky TV and super premium digital posters across the UK.

Lord Cooper, founding partner of Populus, said: “Across the public, awareness of the London Advertising brand has increased by 50% in just one month.

“London Advertising is now six times better known than established agencies like VCCP. London Advertising’s increase in awareness was the only statistically significant change in the month between our two surveys, so their campaign was clearly successful. Among the critical sub-group of consumer opinion influencers, LONDON Advertising now has the highest awareness of any agency covered in the survey, at 27% – its campaign surpassing Adam & Eve. »

Michael Moszynski, Founder and CEO of the agency, said: “Our goal was to generate some awareness for the agency and the survey shows that our campaign has been hugely successful in achieving this.

“We also wanted to be talked about and with over 30 articles and interviews in national television news, national and trade press, we are now the agency on the lips of the industry – and the public.

“With a 2,764% increase in visitors to our website and one confirmed customer, and several more to be announced soon, we are confident that our confidence in our own abilities to promote our brand will show others that advertising, at least when we create it, pays.

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