‘Less is More’ Ad Campaign Comes to South King County Transit


City of Kent Cultural Programs Manager Ronda Billerbeck introduces the new advert which will run on King County Underground buses. Photo credit: Timothy Aguero Photography

“Less is More” lands on your public transit journey today – Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

Don’t miss this awareness campaign educating cyclists on the many cultural attractions available in South King County, now offering outdoor activities for spring. On King County Metro and Sound Transit Light Rail, ads encourage self-care and urge commuters across the region to unplug their digital devices and get outside. Cyclists are invited to contemplate ‘Less desk chair, more fresh air’ with the City of Kent’s Summer Concerts and ‘Less Social Distancing, More Shared Traditions’ with the Greater Kent Historical Society.

The group of eleven organizations, members of the South King County Cultural Coalition (SoCoCulture), pooled their resources and, with the help of a grant from 4Culture, raised enough funds to advertise in public transport. Advertising is a marketing expense that most cultural organizations in our region cannot afford, preventing them from connecting with local and regional audiences.

The campaign is running in transit through June and information is available online at https://sococulture.org/more.

Participating organizations:

    • Alimentando al Pueblo, Highline “Menos aislar, más celebrar.”
    • Theater of the comedians of Burien. “Less screen time, more game time.”
    • Kent Town Summer Concerts. “Less desk chair, more fresh air.”
    • Greater Kent Historical Society. “Less social distance, more shared traditions. “
    • Highline Botanical Garden, SeaTac. “Less scrolling, more walking.”
    • Wilderness Lake Arboretum, Maple Valley. “Less emails, more walking paths.”
    • Pacific Bonsai Museum, Federal Way. “Less TV, more small tree.”
    • Pacific Islander Community Association of WA, Federal Way. “Less calamity, more community.”
    • Renton Municipal Arts Commission. “Less live streaming, more live music.”
    • Botanical garden of rhododendron species, federal road. “Less zoom, more flowers.”
    • Soos Creek Botanical Garden, Auburn. “Less screen, more green.”

This pilot project was organized by 4Culture, Pacific Bonsai Museum and SoCoCulture to learn how to implement a collaborative marketing campaign and develop a model for others to follow in their efforts to increase audience access.

Members of the Greater Kent Historical Society show off their new advertisement which will run on King County subway buses. Photo credit: Timothy Aguero Photography


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