Lee Bo Young Confirmed To Star In New AD Agency Drama


Lee Bo Young is gearing up for his next project!

On June 9, it was confirmed that the actress will star in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Agency” (working title).

“Agency” is an office drama about a woman who becomes the company’s first female executive. She also goes beyond being the first female executive to build her career by occupying the highest position. The drama will be set in an advertising agency and will depict the realistic behind-the-scenes stories of the industry and the daily lives of those who live in a fierce world while vying to stand at the top.

Lee Bo Young will play Go Ah In, a woman who overcame many hardships to become the first female executive at the country’s largest advertising agency. Although she is in a poor family situation and does not have the best academic background, she has a strong desire for success. The more alone and pained she is, the more she pushes herself and struggles to reach the top. Her colleagues see her as someone who only cares about success and money.

For this project, Lee Bo Young, who has both a gentle charisma and an unparalleled stage presence, will transform into an icon of the independent woman and give birth to a character of overwhelming realism.

The drama’s production staff commented, “Lee Bo Young was the only actress who could exude Go Ah In’s elegant yet desperate and gentle yet intense aura.” Then, they added that they will show a realistic story of the thorny road to success of Go Ah In and the people in this industry who fight every day to reach the top and succeed.

“Agency” is slated for release in the first half of next year. Stay tuned for more news!

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