Jamaica launches new advertising campaign


Jamaica’s popular holiday destination has launched a new advertising campaign.

The marketing blitz’s slogan is “Get back to the vibe that comes alive in Jamaica” and seeks to capitalize on the resurgence in travel this year after two years of restrictions and protocols brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


“In Jamaica, we have recorded arrivals that exceed pre-Covid levels, demonstrating that our travel industry is resilient, as are travellers,” Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, said in a statement. “While everyone has been affected by the pandemic, we want to let everyone know that Jamaica is good for the spirit. Therefore, it is the perfect destination to help people rediscover their own sense of adventure, their natural curiosity, their human connection and ultimately to realize their most precious human potential.

The campaign was created by Accenture Song, the official advertising agency of the Jamaica Tourist Board.

The marketing effort welcoming people working together to help visitors live their best life. The campaign was filmed using over 50 local Jamaican crew members in locations across Jamaica ranging from Portland to St. Ann. Real couples and a real family were chosen for the campaign to represent an authentic experience. The Country Music is also an original score created by Jamaican music producers.

“We felt it was important to really show people what Jamaica is and what sets it apart from other competing destinations,” said Jamaica Tourism Board’s director of tourism, Donovan White. “While we have plenty of sun, sea and sand, it’s our unique Jamaican culture, from our music to our food to our people, that really sets us apart. That’s why travelers choose to come here – so they can experience and connect with our vibe coming to life.”


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