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IRINA-CITY: Irina Shayk dominates a gas station and an American diner in Pinko’s new ad campaign.

The contemporary Italian fashion brand tapped the model for its Spring 2022 ads, which focus on the brand’s new Love Bag Click handbag, defined by a circular, round logo enriched with two small birds.

Photographed by Brianna Capozzi, Shayk appears wearing second-skin looks splashed with leopard print as well as a mini dress in which the animal print is embellished with sequins and glitter. Whether in a catsuit, a close-fitting cut-out dress or an evening dress, the model displays a sexy attitude by posing in front of a miniature desert setting.

“We chose Irina because she makes us dream, and with us I believe she will make our customers dream,” said Pietro Negra, founder and CEO of Pinko. “But it wasn’t just a choice dictated by the heart: after several researches we conducted on the relationship between the brand, current and potential customers, we discovered that the best formula defining our women [can be summarized as] ‘Fearless beauty.’”

Irina Shayk stars in Pinko’s Spring 2022 ad campaign.
Brianna Capozzi / Courtesy of Pinko

According to the executive, Shayk is the embodiment of those two words. “She is a woman with an incredible personal story, daughter of a Russian miner who is today an international fashion icon. A beauty that is not only in her appearance but also in her personality and her self-confidence. She is sunny, ironic and knows not to take herself too seriously. With her courage and charm, she is the perfect manifesto of the Pinko woman,” said Negra, adding that the model will be the face of the brand throughout the season. After the focus on the new bag, Negra said there will be two more chapters that will highlight the new products.

Further proving that Pinko is betting big on communication, the executive revealed that the budget allocated to this area in 2022 “is the highest in the last five years”.

In particular, Negra said that the investment in marketing has increased by 51% compared to 2021. Without disclosing additional figures, he explained that the budget will be divided between traditional media and digital channels, which will represent 55% of the total. Namely, the brand is committed to further developing its online presence, not only through advertising but also through marketing actions on social networks and in games.

In 2021, Pinko achieved more than 240 million euros in turnover, surpassing its performance in 2019, when it posted a turnover of 222 million euros. In 2020, the brand’s turnover decreased by around 25% compared to the previous year.


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