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Observing trends in the Nigerian marketing communications industry over the years, Vee69 Managing Director Florence Achado shares her perspective on how advertising is shaping society in this interview with PAUL OGBUOKIRI. Extracts

What is your overall view of the trend of the advertising industry in Nigeria over the past 10 years?

Over the years, the media has offered a wide range of industries some kind of leverage, and advertising is no exception.

In addition to the innovation in print and electronic media that powers marketing communications, technology platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik-Tok and YouTube, with all their artificial intelligence, have also changed the way advertisers and consumers interact. We have also seen the rise of influencers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also had an impact. Remote work, consumers migrating online due to social distancing and all that; have since forced brands to focus more on digital marketing communications.

Besides creating a consumer society, how do you think advertising has shaped Nigeria?

Like most mass media industries, advertising has a strong impact on society, like the media, for example. It is not just consumerism that it creates; advertising creates and shapes values.

I will give an example, at vee69 we have run humanitarian responses, out of school children campaigns in Nigeria and much more, these are based on patriotism, nation building and unity, it it’s not about selling consumables rather, it’s selling ideas and positive results. I will say that consciousness is such a powerful weapon that changes everything.

How about influencers?

Are they taking over your job? Talking about influencers, as I said before; they are a strength. I really appreciate what they do. It’s part of the diversity that makes us better in the industry.

What was the industry like when you founded Vee69?

Many things have changed over the years. The Nigerian media space was on the information highway a few years ago and stood at the heart of the social media disruption when we launched Vee69 seven years ago.

If you recall, traditional media was then losing its readership en masse to websites and other Web 2.0 platforms. Starting a full-service advertising agency was no joke in such a troubled environment.

But at Vee69, we live with purpose, and that purpose lights our way. We have survived the test of that time.

Can you look at the trend of advertising education and compare the standard in Nigeria with where you studied advertising?

As I was studying Marketing and Advertising in Coventry, UK, I will say that the UK has a big advertising market; however, it provides insight to help understand outreach and other forms of engagement “We are very resourceful in Nigeria.

And I know that the programs, both for academic and professional qualifications, are up to the task. I can say a lot because I am a full member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). The display of wealth in advertisements and through the channels used by advertising stimulates wealth-enhancing vices among Nigerian youth.

What is your point of view ?

I don’t agree with that. However, we are very careful about the content that Vee69 sends.

Even at that…. It’s a question of choice. Everyone is responsible for what they become. When you appreciate what you have and what you are inside, no amount of display of wealth can make you lose yours.


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