Industry Vet Launches Bilingual, Female-Owned Marketing and Advertising Agency Offering a Flexible, Results-Driven Approach


BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Yeliza Centeio, a long-time marketing industry veteran, launches Integral, a female-owned, bilingual marketing and advertising agency characterized by inclusivity with a new approach to meet the customer needs and exceed expectations.

For Centeio, the first phase of his career was with top advertising agencies in Boston and Ft. Lauderdale, working with brands in travel and tourism, higher education, e-commerce/retail, B2B technology, insurance and healthcare. As an extension of her agency experience, Centeio has ventured into the brand side as a marketing director for startups and well-known brands in the direct-to-consumer and fashion industry like City Pier Seafood and J. Jill. The launch of Integral Marketing & Advertising marks the pinnacle of Centeio’s career as she embarks on this new chapter of inclusiveness and growth within the industry.

Integral Marketing & Advertising prioritizes flexibility and customer and staff growth

Marketing and advertising have evolved; Centeio has founded an agency to evolve with it. Integral provides client flexibility by allowing work to begin without a formal pitch process or referral agency contract.

“Experience on the brand side has shown me that growth is increasingly dependent on customer flexibility. Our model offers experience and expertise at a time when long-term contracts or building an in-house marketing team may not not be in the interest of our customers,” Centeio said.

Integral also meets the needs of today’s creative talent by providing flexibility in workplace and work week.

Integral won’t dictate where and when people work, as long as the work gets done. Creative expression doesn’t always happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and personal and family time is always a priority,” Centeio said. “We value a healthy work-life balance that puts our team and our clients in the best position to succeed.”

Founded by a woman, owned by a woman, bilingual and inclusive, Integral solve marketing and advertising puzzles with the right puzzle pieces

The Integral name was chosen not only for its equivalent English and Spanish meaning, but because the agency’s subject matter experts are critical to the client’s success.

On the agency’s new website, IntegralDevelopers, designers, writers, content creators, and public relations officers certified in diversity, equity, and inclusion are portrayed as people solving marketing and advertising “puzzles.”

The title of the homepage announces: “Puzzles solved. All your needs or just one piece.

For more information about Integral Marketing & Advertising and the ever-changing marketing, advertising and public relations landscape, contact Yeliza Centeio at [email protected] or 774.340.6092.

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