HASK Beauty launches new advertising campaign, “BE KIND TO YOUR HAIR”


NEW YORK, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HASK (which stands for Hair and Skin Kindness) is launching a new brand campaign this month focusing on the kindness of your hardworking hair.

Developed by Good & Ready from Toronto, Canadathe multi-market campaign will be broadcast in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The new ad creatives will appear on Allure, HULU, Byrdie, Parents, People, InStyle.com, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to name a few in the United States.

The creative focuses on the most frustrating aspects of hair care and the damage hair experiences every day from environmental factors such as rain, humidity and sun as well as products consumers use such as tools. heaters, hair dryers, rubber bands, brushes, combs, and many styling products. Creative includes contrasting words like “Vice/Nice”, “Cruel/Kind”, “Nourish/Flourish”, and more to emphasize the juxtaposition. Videos include: 30-second spots that showcase some of the hardships hair endures on a daily basis, not only from brushing and styling tools, but also from activities such as the heat of the kitchen, the rain, the ” well-known “headboard” during sleep and the daily twists and turns and pulls the hair endures. The voiceover emphasizes the need to take care of your hair with the statement, “Hair works hard, be kind to it.”

“Shampoo ads traditionally show great hair, but ignore the real things that damage hair,” said Alan Madill, co-founder and creative partner of Good & Ready. “The women we’re trying to reach don’t have time to create runway-ready hair. For them, nourished, healthy hair is beautiful hair.”

HASK is known for being the number one hair care brand used by professional hairstylists on film and television sets. HASK’s nourishing formulas are used by stylists to repair damage to actresses’ and actors’ hair caused by styling products, styling tools and wigs typically used on film and TV sets . “It’s always a pleasant surprise for actors and actresses (who can obviously afford any hair care they like) to learn that the product their stylist is using can be purchased at any drugstore. “, said Samantha Georgakopoulos, Senior Marketing Manager at HASK. Products featured in the campaign include the best Argan Oil, Blonde Care and Curl Care collections.

The campaign was created by HASK with Good & Ready for strategy and creation, Rodeo Productions for production, Married to Giants, Wingman, alter egoand Pirate Audio for publishing, with ALL media for media.


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