Hallaron Advertising Agency uses digital ads to update local political campaigns


THE FORESTS, Texas, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hallaron, a full-service advertising and branding agency in The Woods, Texas began using digital ad platforms to serve smaller local political advertisers. The benefit is using micro-targeted geographic and behavioral factors to deliver highly personalized display and video ads to local voters. The results indicate more effective campaigns that can perform better even with monthly ad spend below $10,000.

Through a collaborative partnership with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Vici Media Inc., Hallaron began using sophisticated digital platforms, including precise targeting tools, to run ads during local county and even city elections in start of 2022 primaries. Often reserved for large corporations or political clients, Hallaron uses the same advertising tools of large clients to shape the strategy of small, local, low-budget campaigns. Often the focus is on replacing older marketing thinking with smarter targeting that delivers ads to local voters using cellphones and social media instead of billboards or direct mail.

“Our new political campaigns aim to serve voters with advertisements where they consume daily news and entertainment – that is, through their mobile phones and the Internet,” says the agency’s director. mike hallaron.

Statista reports that mobile media usage in United States is expected to increase to four hours and 29 minutes per day in 2022. Compare this time with traditional driving time and listening to radio, print or television.

Due to the long Covid-19 shutdowns, Hallaron says many Americans have further extended their digital and mobile addiction – turning to these devices for business, shopping and reaching the world beyond their front door. .

Direct mail is still popular in most small-market political races where access to new digital techniques lags behind. Inexpensive road signs are still widely used but limited. The digital and mobile ads include links to landing pages where voters can watch a candidate’s videos, read a biography or review her platform’s positions on local issues. “When you add a well-executed social strategy to Facebook, the frequency and reach of a small campaign can be a game-changer,” says Hallaron.

Hallaron’s digital partner, Vici Media, works with nearly 200 advertising agencies and media companies in the United States, serving 3 billion digital ad impressions annually. The company was named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in 2020. Hallaron sees more and more clients learning about creative digital media strategies, such as geofencing, mobile conquest and social mirroring techniques, through example.

Hallaron Advertising Agency is an award-winning full-service advertising agency in The Woods, Texas. Since 2003, Hallaron has helped reshape winning brands and master creative advertising campaigns that lead to better sales and business growth for their clients. Visit www.hallaron.com to learn more.

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