GUEST COLUMN: Five ways a digital advertising agency can help you grow your business


Mumbai: Amid the acceleration of digitalization due to the pandemic, companies are exploring the digital world. Businesses are increasingly investing in digital strategies to stay relevant in the face of competition. While there is no shortage of online resources to help you grow your digital presence, companies often lack the in-house expertise and resources to implement a robust digital advertising strategy. A company’s digital landscape cannot be short-term or with temporary goals. Digital presence requires a solid thought process that must be supported by the company’s business processes. Digital advertising agencies are instrumental in creating effective roadmaps. Performance-based campaigns and efficient use of existing time and resources to maximize marketing campaign ROI.

Here are five ways a digital ad agency can help grow a business

Idea and development of a 360 degree digital roadmap: Led by seasoned marketers, digital advertising agencies help you design and plan a digital strategy to achieve your business goals. The brand and the agency work together to design a plan with the right milestones to achieve the marketing objectives. These strategies can be short or long term, depending on the objective. The digital strategy is then broken down into actionable KPIs to be achieved within a predefined timeframe.

Create fresh and engaging content: Content is at the heart of digital advertising. Fresh and compelling content helps achieve the desired action – generating leads, increasing sales, acquiring new customers, etc., for your brand. Content is also key to building long-term relationships with customers. Agency professionals are fully up to date with the latest content marketing trends, giving them a clear advantage in content development and curation. They are adept at planning content based on channel requirements and campaign goals while reinforcing the key brand message.

Develop your online presence: As the Taj Mahal was not built in a day, the digital presence of a brand or a company cannot be created overnight. A strong online presence is essential to make it easy for users to find you. A combination of SEO, SEM, and social media marketing strategies helps boost your digital presence and build brand awareness. With the availability of an experienced team with people specializing in a particular area of ​​digital strategy, a digital agency is an asset to your business.

Monitor campaign analytics: Big data plays a pervasive role in measuring campaign results against goals set during the planning phase. It allows real-time modification of the running campaign to achieve the desired results. If the campaign has already ended, its information is used to learn how to better plan upcoming campaigns and how to execute them well. Agencies have the latest tools and technology that automate daily operations, streamline campaign and account management, and derive actionable insights. This makes agencies a one-stop solution for tasks like social listening, competitive benchmarking, keyword research, and more.

Effectively manage your marketing budget: Digital agencies help to build a realistic budget plan with careful distribution among different channels like SEO, social media, SEM. This minimizes the waste of time and resources while helping you accelerate your marketing strategy.

Today, an agency is an extension of the brand. Outsourcing digital marketing to the right agency can open up a plethora of growth opportunities, facilitate the sharing of knowledge and technical know-how, and boost ideation for your brand. With the help of the right tools, knowledge, and resources, a digital agency can help propel your business onto a higher growth trajectory. Choose a partner agency that is equipped to align with your organizational goals The challenge for businesses today is to access the digital partner with a balanced view with all the points mentioned above.

(About the Author: Khushboo Sharma is the Founder of Zero Gravity Communications)


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