‘Get Ready to Rumble’ with Betfred’s latest UK advertising campaign


BetFred’s new nationwide marketing campaign titled ‘Get Ready to Rumble’ will debut over the weekend on Sky Sports and BT channels. This flagship campaign from the Manchester bookmaker will welcome UK sports fans to stadiums and, what’s even more entertaining, is that it will feature legendary boxing ring presenter Michael Buffer. Its well-known tagline is the motivation behind the ad’s name.

Zut Media, a Liverpool-based advertising agency, developed Betfred’s campaign and with it the bookmaker celebrates the return of live sports environments and how they are driving massive fan engagement and passion.

In the advert, Betfred shows off its massive UK sponsorship portfolio, which includes rugby league, boxing, snooker, football, golf and darts. The theme song is “Get Ready For This”, a popular dance anthem by 2 Unlimited released in the 90s.

Matt Thompson, the campaign manager, said Buffer is the most renowned sports announcer in the world and therefore there is no better candidate to star in a campaign in which sport and its “thrilling moments” are celebrated.

He acknowledged the fact that the Betfred team is extremely passionate about every sporting event they sponsor, as well as sport in general. The creativity of Zut Media meets the passion of Betfred and together they celebrate the return of the sport to its normal state.

All of Betfred’s digital platforms will feature Michael Buffer’s image, and the program will also be promoted in the 1,470 betting shops the company has across the UK. Buffer has also partnered with Betfred in an advert for safer gambling and 20% of airtime will be dedicated to messages on this topic.

Buffer said the one thing he absolutely loves about Betfred is that Fred, like him, loves action and is a very avid sports fan.

He also said he was a huge sports fan himself and loved every moment of it – the agony that comes with defeat as well as the thrill that comes with winning. Buffer thinks they keep all sports fans going and since Betfred is featured in so many sports it will create a fantastic relationship.

Betfred expands into the US market

At the beginning of October, Betfred took an important step in its expansion into the United States by partnering with Paragon Casino Resort. With this development, all visitors to the casino resort will enjoy a rather unique betting experience, as Betfred has launched the Draft Room Sportsbook.

Additionally, the overall player experience has reached a new level at Betfred after Future Anthem partnered with the bookmaker in March.


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