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LONDON, October 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Successful Entrepreneur George Meressa, founder and CEO of popular advertising agency Amazon Clear Ads, was recently featured in “My London News.” The article, ‘Croydon man, 33, went from selling candy at school to running a £1.2million business and working 3 hour weeks’, highlights the journey of Meressa, who grew up in a low income family to run a successful million pound business.

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Meressa has always had a knack for business, which naturally led him to attend college, where he studied for a degree in business management. His big break came from working for a friend who ran a Google ad agency. Meressa says, “He gave me this opportunity; I knew from that day that I was ready for life.”

Eventually, Meressa began exploring his own business with Clear Ads, where he limited his advertising focus to Amazon PPC. The company was already well established as a benchmark for Amazon PPC and DSP advertising before the pandemic; however, once the pandemic hit, there was a significant shift towards online business and the demand for Clear Ads services skyrocketed. Since then, his team has grown to an impressive 21 employees, allowing Meressa the time he needs to focus on his health.

To date, Meressa has over 10 years of experience in digital advertising, including on pay-per-click platforms Google, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook. He has worked with countless advertisers around the world in many different sectors and industries.

Clear Ads uses data-driven strategies to increase sales, increase profits, reduce cost of sale, and maximize ROI for customers using Amazon DSP and PPC. The company’s website is a great resource for online sellers, hosting a podcast and blog page with exclusive insights from the Clear Ads team and special guests, strategic tips for improving Amazon ad performance and DSP, plus interviews, case studies, and recommendations to help refine campaigns with actionable strategies to implement immediately.

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