For Maine advertising agency, happy campers make happy employees


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October 20, 2021; Yarmouth, ME – Blaze Partners, based in Yarmouth, Maine, had considered acquiring a van to serve as a mobile office/base camp for its clients’ video production shoots. But with employee recruitment and retention increasingly on their minds, the three agency partners saw an opportunity to take the idea of ​​a van one step further and this week surprised staff with a new RV that doubles as a production base camp, but can also be used by staff on weekends for their personal camping adventures.

“It’s really a win-win situation,” said partner Kevin Kayne. “It is likely that a van would have seen limited, work-related use on weekends, but now the RV will be fully utilized by all staff, while continuing to serve its primary use on weekdays.”

The 22′ Winnebago Solis can accommodate four people and has many comforts such as a refrigerator, a stove and a bathroom. He also has a mobile hotspot, solar panels, and plenty of work space when he’s on site.

“Every business owner I know faces a similar staffing dilemma,” said Jenna Klein Jonsson, partner. “Yes, we have to find good people, but we also have to retain them and build a unique culture.” Jim Hauptman, also a partner, added, “Compensation is of course still part of the equation, but employees today are looking for benefits that are more in line with their personal interests and values. In Maine, it’s all about the fun of the outdoors, which is why we think RV could be a strategic point of differentiation for our company when it comes to hiring.

Employees will be able to sign the RV for multiple days at a time on a rotating schedule. Judging by the team’s initial reactions, the RV is likely to spend a lot of time in the wild. “Outdoor adventure has always been part of Blaze’s DNA,” said Eliza Hill, the agency’s vice president of strategy. “VR is just one more way to help us get out and explore!”

Founded in 2015, Blaze Partners is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency serving a diverse group of clients in the United States and Canada. (And yes, Blaze is recruiting.)


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