Fine & Country launches a major advertising campaign


Fine & Country has diversified its national advertising and marketing strategy with the inclusion of new media such as podcast advertising and more recently radio.

Fine & Country Marketing Director Emilie Despois said now is the time to create a push in different types of media to promote the brand and ultimately increase business.

Despois said: “With the support of the network and our National Advisory Council (NAC), we have always had an extensive advertising strategy within national print and online media, ensuring maximum network visibility through these brackets.

“As our network and ad spend has grown, our ability to penetrate different types of media has grown by creating a cross-platform strategy that explores a variety of other avenues that will benefit both the brand and our agent network.

Despois adds that the brand has seen great success through podcast ad campaigns, which have seen an increase in Fine & Country brand awareness.

“Following the success of the podcast campaigns, we wanted to take our audio campaigns to the next level by including radio. Our research reveals that after national print, online, and podcast advertising, radio is one of the top channels that capture customer attention in the prime real estate sector of the market – the target audience for Fine & Country,” she added.

According to Despois, while many brands have cut ad spend during the pandemic, Fine & Country has increased ad spend and has continued to push brand promotion and find new opportunities to increase brand awareness ever since.

“Ideally, we want to make sure that we cover all types of media that our target audience would access and engage with. Visibility and brand awareness are key to ensuring that Fine & Country is a priority when a seller wants to list their home or a buyer is looking for a property in the top quartile of the market. Our extensive multi-channel approach will allow us to reach a wider target demographic than ever before,” she said.

The radio adverts will air in two bursts of six weeks each, on three radio stations, remaining Absolute 80s, Classic FM and LBC UK.


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