End of the year 2021: “Bravo advertising industry in India” – Piyush Pandey | Advertising


India Campaign ends the year by asking industry leaders what this year has taught them and an outrageous prediction for 2022.

Here’s what Piyush Pandey, President, Global Creation and President, India, Ogilvy, had to say:

Highlight or learning of 2021?

Kudos to the advertising industry in India. The biggest learning from 2021 is that in tough times, the advertising industry is strong enough to rise to the challenge, fulfilling its commitment to customers, keeping people happy and holding them together.

These elements are core to our business and we have proven to ourselves that we have the ability to stick around no matter what. So let’s keep the spirit and bring these learnings into the future even when we are in better times.

A scandalous prediction for 2022?

People will be back to work in their offices. It’s not an outrageous prediction if we look at the history of mankind, women/men are social animals and will come together once again. The world has seen pestilence, world wars and many other disasters, each time humanity has bounced back, gathered together and moved forward. I believe it will happen now. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.


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