DSCC: launches the 1st advertising campaign for the general elections against Ron Johnson


Contact: David Bergstein, Nora Keefe – 202-545-355

Ahead of the Wisconsin primary, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) is launching its first general election ad campaign against Ron Johnson today. TV and digital spots show how Johnson has lost touch with the state and is focused solely on his own agenda — while working-class families in Wisconsin are paying the price.

The ads are part of the DSCC’s previously announced $33 million independent spending reservation.

The following announcements will start reaching voters today:

  • “Call now”, a television commercial. People who call the 1-888-Not-4Wis number featured in the spot will hear this message.
  • “Hustle”, a digital advertisement.
  • “Doesn’t Care”, a digital advertisement.
Announcer: Tired of Washington politicians not working for you? We have a solution…
Announcer: With three easy million dollar payments, Ron Johnson will work for you! Ask these billionaires! They donated a fortune to Johnson…
Announcer: And he gave them $215 million in tax relief. That’s right $215 million.
Announcer: Johnson even gave himself a tax break.
Advertiser: Don’t miss this opportunity, call now!
Announcer: Why struggle every day to get by when you can just jostle the system
Announcer: Take Ron Johnson.
Announcer: He got a tax break for himself, which helped make him one of the wealthiest senators.
Announcer: And saved his donors millions.
Announcer: While you pay the bill.

don’t care

Announcer: Ron Johnson has passed and abortion access is ending in Wisconsin.
Announcer: Doctors could be imprisoned, without exception for rape and incest.
Announcer: Johnson says if you don’t like it, you can move out.
Announcer: He doesn’t understand your family, or care about you.
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