Dental implant advertising agency solves dental practice hiring problems


Read below how a leading dental implant advertising agency solved dental implant practice hiring challenges using remote sales teams.

The lack and quality of local talent to be hired by dental implant practices is reported everywhere North America.

Big Case Marketing (, the leading dental advertising agency specializing in serving dental implant practices in Canada and the United Statesannounces fully remote sales teams that can be assigned and utilized by clients when local staffing shortages negatively impact dental implant practice advertising success.

These professionally trained, quality-controlled remote salespeople are assigned to local dental implant practices to continuously troubleshoot live response issues to incoming sales calls from advertising, to maximize consultation bookings from anywhere. listings and to manage the sales process through a professional case presentation.

Founder of the agency, Dr. James McAnallysolved this unsolvable problem for dental implant practices after listening to long-time clients recount hiring frustrations and after seeing several new clients delay launching advertising campaigns simply due to a lack of staff of sale.

“We surveyed 2,000 dental implant practice owners, and 90% said that sales staff either interfere with existing advertising or directly stop pursuing new cases via new advertisements. We have always been able to generate potential implant patients for our customers and yes, staffing issues have always existed, but today’s epic crisis demands a new solution, and that is what we have created.

90% of inbound sales calls are answered live on the first ring of advertising (compared to typical practice live response rates of 32-40%), there is structured and ongoing lead follow-up, and pre-consultation and qualification occurs with each lead booked via an in-depth and structured pre-appointment interview using proven sales process steps.

The overriding unique selling proposition of the distance selling team over all other options is that the team ensures that each patient’s financial support person (e.g. spouse, significant other, etc.) is present when presenting the full arch dental implant case; a critical factor in sales of dental implant cases.

Big Case Marketing uses traditional and digital media to deliver enough inquiries each month to dental implant practices wishing to achieve a specific full arch implant case goal. The remote sales team option is available for new clients considering agency services and for practices with verifiable lead streams who want a long-term sales staffing solution.

Each new advertising client location goes through a proprietary 21-point staking practice analysis, local competitive advertising is researched, evaluated and scored, and advertising costs specific to monthly total arch goals, based on our most of 15 years of campaign history, are provided. for each practice.

About Big Case Marketing

Big Case Marketing is the oldest full-service advertising agency, sales consultant, and provider of fully trained, professional remote sales teams serving dental implant practices across the United States and Canada.

“We generate leads for implant patients and sell cases in treatment for our clients.”

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Srini Vasan from Pixabay.


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