Delaware uses ad campaign to help fill vacancies


The State of Delaware is looking to fill vacancies with an advertising campaign already underway.

The campaign launched by the Delaware Department of Human Resources aims to strengthen the workforce of all state agencies.

State governments – like public and private sector employers – have been hit by labor shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Department of Human Resources Secretary Claire DeMatteis says those who are working now are making government work, but the status quo is not acceptable.

“State employees are burnt out in some agencies, and I give credit to anyone who takes on more responsibility in some cases by working overtime. The job is done, the state government is running as efficiently as ever, but it’s not sustainable,” DeMatteis said.

The main strategy of the state is to recruit quality candidates for many high demand positions in several agencies.

DeMatteis details list some of what they are looking for.

“We’re hiring nurses, we’re hiring law enforcement officers, we’re hiring Department of Labor unemployment specialists. In the state of Delaware, as you know, corporate specialists are really important to all the businesses that are building here, and it’s even the Department of Agriculture, the food inspectors, the poultry plant inspectors, all of those jobs are essential,” DeMatteis said. “And we try to get the word out about all the great opportunities in state government.”

The state uses social media, radio, billboards and digital advertising to advertise jobs.

DeMatteis notes that many applicants are unaware of state health and retirement benefits, wages and flexible work hours that would allow some to work from home a few days a week.

The campaign began in June and will run through October, and DeMatteis says so far there has been a good response.


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