CHRISTA D’SOUZA says the ad industry doesn’t understand women in their 60s


Everyday ageism: CHRISTA D’SOUZA says the ad industry doesn’t understand women in their 60s

  • Christa D’Souza Stumbled upon a Model in Her ’60s Ad Underwear
  • Few companies dare to represent middle-aged women, UK-based columnist says
  • Praises lingerie firm Understatement Underwear for doing the impossible

This is the last prejudice tolerated. But Femail has had enough. It’s time to call those everyday moments when we’re patronized for not being young anymore…

Scrolling through my Instagram feed the other day, I came across an advertisement for underwear using a model clearly in her 60s. By that I mean a model with not just long, gray hair, but proper frizzy skin and an age-appropriate saggy belly.

I pressed the follow button, of course. So few companies really dare to represent us. We, with our inhabited bodies and “sad” navels, are like kryptonite to the advertising industry. He just can’t put his head around us.

Christa D’Souza (pictured) says few companies dare to represent women in their 40s

As AARP, an advocacy group for the elderly in the United States, discovered, despite the fact that people over the age of 50 make up more than a third of the American population, they appear in only 15% media images. And when they do, they almost never wear lacy underwear.

We could hold hands while swimming in cold water (now such a predictable “older woman” trope for the advertising industry), but sexy lingerie? Not for people like us!

Well, kudos to Swedish lingerie firm Understatement Underwear for taking the plunge. I fear, however, that they will be outliers for some time.


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