Camp Quality’s new advertising campaign highlights the health benefits of laughter


The first ad campaign for Camp Quality, a national childhood cancer charity in more than a decade, leans on its long-running slogan ‘laughter is the best medicine’ to highlight mental health benefits and physical fun and laughter for children affected by cancer.

The campaign features Camp Quality children struggling with their own cancer diagnosis, or that of a sibling, through an OOH and social media campaign, generously supported by Half Dome and Dentsu Australia. The campaign is the first to feature Camp Quality’s refreshed brand, showcasing a new, inclusive logo and visual identity for the organization.

Three OOH mall ad creatives show how “laughter is the best medicine” is true for children at different stages of the cancer journey: in hospital, at school and in camp. QR codes on each ad link to the child’s real life story and show how Camp Quality changed their cancer story. For social media, a video shot with Camp Quality families highlights the scientifically proven benefits of laughter, as kids and their parents have fun together.

Deborah Thomas, CEO of Camp Quality, said the campaign highlights the lasting impact of positivity, fun and laughter for children and their families facing cancer.

“Camp Quality has been giving kids a break from cancer and a healthy dose of fun for nearly 40 years,” Thomas said. “We now know how important these experiences are for short-term physical and mental well-being, and for family reconnection and building a supportive community in the long term. Connection, fun, and laughter are the building blocks of positivity, leaving families fundamentally better off.

Vanessa, mum of Bobby who was photographed for the campaign (hospital programs) while undergoing chemotherapy treatment said, “Camp Quality gives our family the opportunity to be a family. We have booked a family camp and are looking forward to spending some quality time together. The best thing about Camp Quality is that the siblings are part of this journey with Bobby. They can all just be children together, with their brother, in a safe and supportive environment.

The Camp Quality advertising campaign is in shopping centers and on social networks.


STRATEGY: Georgina Pownall and Eliza Mielczarek, Communicado
CREATIVE: Communicado & Dentsu Creative
PHOTOGRAPHER The Kitchen – Alexandrena Parker
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER The Kitchen – Shannon Stoddart
LINE PRODUCER C/- The Kitchen – Mark Gardiner
PRODUCTION ASSISTANT C/- The Kitchen – Madeleine de Wilde Barr
DIGITAL OPERATOR C/- The Kitchen – Hannah Smith
PHOTOGRAPHY ASST 1ST C/- The Kitchen – Diego
PHOTOGRAPHY ASST 1ER C/- The Kitchen – Simon Hardy
Freelance VIDEOGRAPHER – Oliver Rose
1st Independent Board – Nathan Hockridge
HAIR & MAKEUP C/- The Kitchen – Desiree Wise
STYLIST C/- The Kitchen – Laura Bracken
Freelance NURSE – Judy King


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