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Sydney, New South Wales – (NewMediaWire) – October 10, 2022 – (NY Newswire) – There must be a common thread with the entrepreneurs and the stories of non-stop fuss and grind in their early days. We’ve all seen them before, whether they’re photos of Steve Jobs starting up Apple in his garage or Jeff Bezos in his makeshift office. One thing is for sure, every great story started with humble beginnings, and that’s what made chatting with this Australian founder so exciting that we got the chance to speak to the founder of digital marketing agency Digital defying, Jamie Kritharas

Jamie’s journey began at the age of 19 as an aspiring DJ/producer who dreamed of touring the world. Fast forward 3 years later and that dream was coming true. The 22-year-old has landed record deals on heavyweight EDM labels Tiesto, Afrojack, Hardwell, Skrillex and more, with chart-topping collaborations and an ARIA #1 single.

But music was just the beginning for this hungry young kid with big dreams. After a decade of success in the music business, it was time for a new challenge – and Defiant Digital was born.

“I wanted to create an agency that really does things differently. An agency that doesn’t follow the rules, but breaks them in a way that creates innovation. The word Defiant felt right to me, it’s who I am in as a person and how I wanted our team to move as a collective,” he told Yahoo.

Defiant Digital operates as a creative and performance marketing agency that designs and conceptualizes social media advertisements. And like most other creative agencies, their designers have relied on Adobe’s suite of tools to create ads with motion graphics, but since the start of 2022, advancements in the world of virtual production have opened up opportunities to drive innovation in the advertising industry like us. I have never seen before.

So what is virtual production and why should brands pay attention to it?

Virtual production isn’t new, but recent advances in 3D technology like Unreal Engine are bringing it to the forefront of industries like automotive, fashion, education, and everything in between.

Specifically, however, where advertisers and brands can experience the full power of virtual production tools like Unreal Engine is in digital asset production and motion graphics.

Gone are the days of 24-hour render times and production delays. Unreal Engine gives designers the ability to create and render 3D assets in real time, which also means that feedback can be provided and implemented in real time, from anywhere in the world.

“We were able to reduce production times for 3D work from several weeks to a single day, at a fraction of the estimated budget. Not only that, but the quality has improved dramatically as our designers are able to create in real time without any render delays” – Jamie told Yahoo.

While this may not seem groundbreaking at first, think of how many design projects have taken weeks or even months to produce?

To put it simply, virtual production is revolutionizing the advertising industry by saving time, saving money, and enabling creative teams to craft world-class assets that simply aren’t possible in the world. physical.

The introduction of virtual environments will help brands save on costly and time-consuming photo shoots. This means the golden hour can last forever and everything can go from a beautiful summer island setting to a cyberpunk-inspired digital city in seconds, while maintaining photorealistic rendering quality.

Virtual production is for brands of all shapes and sizes

“Virtual production is a new way of working, and it’s exciting because it’s a new way to tell stories and it allows brands to engage with customers in ways they never had before. couldn’t do before,” Jamie told Yahoo.

Some might find this scary because it’s new and unfamiliar, and it might seem like something only big brands can afford to do.

But the truth is, virtual production isn’t just for big brands anymore. Virtual production has opened new doors for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to tell their story in innovative ways.

The ability for advertisers to see what their ads look like in virtual reality will change the way they create ads in real life.

For example, an entire set can be designed with photorealistic humans placed in hours to create an advertisement that would otherwise take months of planning and hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.

This gives forward-thinking virtual production studios an edge over traditional advertisers who only know what their ads will look like after they’ve been filmed.

It also allows them to plan entire campaigns before filming begins, making it easier for them to coordinate with others involved in creating ads, such as cinematographers, lighting experts, and special effects artists. .

As a finale though, Jamie added:

“Virtual production is truly changing the advertising industry and by adapting early, agencies and brands can be at the forefront of this technological change. Think of the companies that evolved rapidly when the industrial revolution took hold. is produced. Factories that have been able to produce products in a systematized and cost-effective manner have achieved global dominance. I see the same for brands and entrepreneurial minds who can see how powerful this new technology really is. It revolutionizes the production of everything from movies to commercials to education and more.

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