Audit Reports: Ogun Assembly Exposes Financial Violations by State Advertising Agency


The Ogun Assembly Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-Corruption on Thursday denounced what it said were high profile financial offenses committed by the National Signage and Advertisement Agency between 2015 and 2020 .

Newsmen reports that the chairman of the committee, Mr. Musefiu Lamidi, brought other members to review the agency’s audit report for the fiscal year 2020 at the Abeokuta assembly complex.

Lamidi regretted that the same offenses committed in previous years had not been dealt with.

The lawmaker noted that there were violations of due process guidelines, spending beyond the approval limit, non-coding of fixed assets as well as unreimbursed expenses, among others.

He also identified other shortcomings that had occurred in the agency’s accounts, including: loss of revenue, lack of stores and store records, failure to reconcile bank statements, and inability to act and respond to previous audit reports.

This attitude, according to him, constitutes a blatant disregard for legality.

Lamidi therefore called for an immediate and frequent reconciliation of the cash book and bank statements from 2015 to 2019, in order to stem revenue leakage.

The chairman of the commission ordered the agency’s former chief accounts officer, Mr. Ahmed Ojuola, to reappear before the commission, with the relevant supporting documents.

He listed the supporting documents to include: receipts and invoices for all transactions contained in the agency’s records.

In response, the agency’s chief executive, Mr. Fola Onifade, assured the committee that the organization would ensure that all issues raised were addressed by the relevant officials.

Onifade explained that the agency was not relying on its oars to improve its revenue to the state.


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