Asiaray Launches Advertising Industry to Build Asia’s First Outdoor Urban Digital Gallery with NFT Technology


Invite Hong Kong Digital Artists to Represent Everything for Hong Kong Campaign
Supports artistic development while transmitting the spirit of sport

HONG KONG, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Asiaray Media Group Limited (“Asiaray” or the “Group”; stock code: 1993), an outstanding out-of-home (“OOH”) media company with a strategic focus on mega transportation advertising media, including airports, metro lines and high-speed rail trains, announced the launch of the from Asia city’s first outdoor digital gallery: All for Hong Kong City Digital Exhibition Campaign in collaboration with hong kong digital artist Mr. Ryan San. Relevant artworks will be exhibited and sold in the form of physical artworks and non-fungible (“NFT”) digital artworks on the extensive network of outdoor transport media and online platforms. ‘Asiaray. The All for Hong Kong City digital exhibition campaign once again proves the group’s pioneering Outdoor & Online (“O&O”) new media strategy, demonstrates its continuous pursuit of innovation in advertising technology, as well as, through campaign planning and coordination, attention and support to the arts and sport sector.

The All for Hong Kong campaign includes six physical artworks and six NFT artworks. Asiaray partners with digital artist Mr. Ryan San to combine blockchain technology and digital creativity, to showcase the currencies of six well-known hong kong Athletes: male singles badminton player Angus Ng Ka Longboxer Rex Tso Sing Yuswimmer Stephanie Au Hoi Shunequestrian Ho Thomas Edward Heffernanretired swimmer Alex Fong Lik Sun and retired Paralympic athlete So Wa Wai. The athletes represent the mottos “Unswerving”, “Fearless to Change”, “Indomitable”, “Resolute”, “Water is a Lifelong Partner” and “Humility”, and “Share” adopted by Mr. Ryan San respectively. Further support the development of art and sport in hong kongthe Group has also launched a themed product – a yoga mat with the aforementioned mottos written on it, to further encourage hong kong people to support the campaign, while continuing to support the spirit of aspiration of artists and athletes.

In addition, Asiaray will again apply its “mega transport, multimedia and all-scenario” technological capabilities to support the various scenarios covered by the campaign. The campaign will create an artistic atmosphere and allow digital art to flow through the city, showcasing local cultures and bringing positive energy to society. Promotional activities of the All for Hong Kong campaign will start in mid-May, relevant NFT artwork will be displayed in online and offline formats on Asiaray’s outdoor digital billboards and billboard digitalization of metro lines and bus shelters across hong kong to create a unique outdoor urban gallery, and multimedia channels such as the social media platforms operated by the Group. While the physical works depicting the most iconic scene in NFT animation will be showcased at the All for Hong Kong The City digital exhibition campaign press conference on May 31.

Each individual NFT artwork consists of 240 blocks and will then be offered on the famous NFT trading platform “OpenSea”. To express its gratitude to collectors for their support for the development of arts and sports in hong kong, the group will enclose each NFT block with the animation of the respective artwork for the collection. In addition, physical artworks and themed products will be sold on social media platforms. Proceeds, after fees, will be shared between the artist and the athletes, as well as sports groups and academies designated by the athletes for public welfare purposes.[1].

During the press conference, the athletes will draw an NFT code for their respective NFT work, which will be announced after the event. Among the 1,440 NFT codes, if one of the subscribers matches the one drawn by the athletes, he will receive the collections donated by the athletes, including prize medals, boxing gloves, cleats, jerseys and competition clothing worn in international competition. competitions.

M. Ryan San, hong kong digital artistsaid, “I am very honored to be invited by Asiaray to participate in the All for Hong Kong City digital exhibition campaign. As a native of hong kongI aspire to create art that can clearly convey the spirit of hong kong. As an artist, I have used different media, hoping to familiarize audiences with my work while absorbing inspiration to show the endless possibilities of art. This not only gives me the opportunity to present the ambitions of hong kong athletes, but also, thanks to the cooperation with Asiaray, for my work to break down the boundaries between the offline and online world, transforming the whole city into a gallery and transmitting this positive energy to more hong kong people.”

M. Ho Thomas Edward Heffernan, a hong kong male equestrian artistsaid: “I am very happy to be able to share my motto ‘Resolute’ with all hong kong people in such an original way and that the profits collected can be donated to society. I am a dedicated and very hardworking athlete who sweats through constant workouts and progresses towards my goals day by day. I hope the people will be encouraged by the tireless efforts and perseverance of hong kong athletes when they pass in front of this municipal gallery.

M. Vincent Lam Tak Hing, Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of Asiaraysaid, “Asiaray is a pioneer in advertising technology and digitization and innovation have been important drivers for us moving forward. create value for brands and advertisers through DOOH+ solutions. At the same time, we are also leveraging our expertise and experience in the advertising and media industries to actively explore the opportunities created by the two fundamental global technology trends, namely Metaverse and NFT. The “All for Hong Kong City” digital exhibition campaign marks our first step in engaging with these trends. Going forward, we will continue to use our advanced technology advantages to provide our business partners with the ability to showcase their company story and brand strengths in a variety of ways. outdoors, online, and even in Metaverse arenas.




donation organization

Angus Ng Ka Long


Po Leung Kuk Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School

Rex Tso Sing Yu

Without fear of change

Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation

Stephanie Au Hoi Shun


A drop of life

Ho Thomas Edward Heffernan


Hong Kong Paws Foundation

Alex Fong Like the sun

Water is a partner for life

RippleFly Swim Limited

So Wa Wai


Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Handicapped

[1] For more details on charity groups and designated sports academies, please see the appendix.

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