Asda Reveals New Slogan in Fall Advertising Campaign | News


Asda has launched a new slogan – “Get the Asda price feeling” – as part of a television ad campaign airing this month.

The new slogan “aims to show that the Asda price means more to customers than just high-value products”, the supermarket said.

The 40-second TV advert will air on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 tonight, and will play in the Hungary vs England World Cup qualifier on ITV tomorrow.

The campaign will also be seen and heard on radio, in print, on social media, in customer emails and in Asda stores.

“When our customers talk about Asda’s price, it goes without saying that they’re talking about great value, but we know they’re also talking about great service, high quality products and great colleagues,” said Preyash Thakrar, Chief Client Officer of Asda. .

“‘Get the Asda Price Sentiment’ sums it all up and outlines how we can help make a difference for our customers, our communities and our colleagues every day,” he added.

The supermarket said the new slogan replaces the retailer’s current tagline “It’s the Asda price”.

The ad follows a family met by an Asda colleague as they walk into a store. The co-worker gestures to turn on Asda Radio, which broadcasts More Than a Feeling from Boston, before somersaulting down a produce aisle and launching into the air. A voiceover asks “why go into the fall when you can jump in it?”, and the family leaps into the air – while store workers acrobatically stock the shelves.

The supermarket’s famous pocket tap “brings things down to earth – literally”, the supermarket said, as the voiceover highlights low price carts and rollbacks in the store.

“September is traditionally a time of year when our guests get back into a routine after the summer – they enjoy more nights as the winter months approach and start thinking about the festive season. ‘Get the Asda price feeling’ puts the fun back into routine, showing that great products and great prices go hand in hand at Asda,” Thakrar said.

Havas London was the creative agency behind the latest campaign. Havas London creative director Vicki Maguire said the supermarket was “one brand with personality per trolley”.

“We wanted to unlock that by treating the store like a stage, bringing the ‘Asda price feeling’ to life to help an iconic brand get its mojo back. It’s fun and unapologetic advertising, and we’re excited to see where this creative platform takes us,” Maguire said.

The ad also features the face of Gino D’Acampo, who is launching a 60-product line this month in Asda stores, frozen, chilled and ambient aisles.


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