An ad campaign to update iPhone 13 sales…the pink screen mess


Apple has launched an intense advertising campaign to boost sales of the iPhone 13, launched several months ago, which some have described as the answer to the “pink screen” flaw.

Many users have reported issues with new iPhone 13 phones where their phone screens appear approximately pink making it impossible to use the phone without restarting it.

And the US giant released more than one new ad for the phone via its official YouTube channel, and focused on the many highlights of the new phone.

Apple has also highlighted some of its features, such as ceramic glass durability and battery life, through new promotional ads for the phone.

Prior to the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 was the first iPhone to feature a glass-ceramic display, made up of nano-seramic crystals to resist accidental damage.

Apple needed to update the ad campaign for the iPhone 13 because it also features durable ceramic glass.

The first teaser was a short film released on the company’s Run Run YouTube channel.

The second ad, titled “Doin’ Laps,” promotes extended battery life for iPhone 13 models.

New problem

At the same time, reports from China revealed a storm of recent complaints regarding the issue of the appearance of the pink screen on the iPhone 13 (iPhone 13).

The pink screen issue also affects iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max phones.

Apple’s response

This number of complaints demanded an official response from the customer service of the American company Apple, which manufactures the popular smartphone.

According to Kissina, customer complaints about the pink screen issue on iPhone 13 devices could not be resolved by resetting the phone or updating the system.

Also, there are complaints that the pink screen is accompanied by other random issues such as flickering (delay), flashing, auto restart, and other issues.

For its part, Apple’s official customer service said that it “has not received any notification that this is a problem with the device, but it usually happens when the system crashes” .

This statement implies that Apple implicitly acknowledges that the problem is software.

According to Kichina, Apple recommended users to back up their data and upgrade to the latest operating system.

pink screen

However, when reviewing images posted by many netizens, when the pink screen appears on the iPhone 13, it does not fill the screen, but system level tray icons and other information remain on the screen.

A bug in the operating system software is more likely to cause this problem, and Apple is likely to fix the issue with an upcoming update.

Unfortunately, Apple did not specify when the update would be released. However, the iOS 15.3 update is currently in testing and will include a fix for the Safari vulnerability.

But it is not possible to say if this update will fix the pink screen issue.

And one of the users, on Apple user forum, according to 9to5mac, his iPhone 13 Pro screen turned pink and started crashing approx.


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