Advertising Industry Stimulates Excellence in Creativity and Invites Ghana to Feature Works


Ghana, with its ever-rising profile, will have the opportunity to showcase its creative works and win laurels at the upcoming Lagos Ideas Festival, LAIF Awards as the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria, AAAN, the organizers of the annual award for the recognition of outstanding creative ideas are extending the boundaries of the award to Ghana this year.

“We are physically going to Ghana to sell them LAIF awards and the intention is that the LAIF award represents the best of creativity in this part of Africa,” said Lanre Adisa, Chairman of the LAIF Award Organizing Committee. . journalists in Lagos.

The inclusion of Ghana and other West African countries at this stage in the history of the LAIF Awards should be a milestone in the journey of extending the LAIF Awards to the rest of Africa. “When we establish that will determine how we travel from there. We want to be the best in recognizing and representing creativity in Africa,” said Adisa, who is also the CEO of Noah’s Ark Group.

Adisa said this year’s laif award is very important as it comes two years after the Covid year. Due to the pandemic, the organizers of laif have innovated and introduced a portal for the price of submitting applications against the manual method. “Everything related to the prize, entry, payments and judging will be done through the portal.”

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Unveiling this year’s theme, “All Ideas Welcome,” Adisa explained that it’s about finding ideas in all spaces and celebrating them.

On the November date of this year’s award, Adisa said the idea was to have a permanent time for the award, which is November, as this will allow organizations and individuals to plan for it every year.

Also speaking on the award, AAAN President Steve Babaeko said the laif award is a milestone in the association’s annual calendar and has been so for the past 17 years. .

According to him, “This country can really test you and your ability to carry out projects. Everything you have done and done continuously over the past 17 years deserves congratulations. We are happy to do it again in 2022”.

He said there have been a lot of changes in the marketing communications ecosystem. “That’s why we as an association continue to challenge our members that we need to maintain the ante in everything we do and that’s why the laif award is important.”

Babaeko said members of the association don’t just give each other an award. He said there is an independent jury that verifies the works and awards them. “Those who don’t win this year will challenge themselves next year and in doing so we are making agencies work better and clients will be the ultimate beneficiaries. We are pushing the envelope in terms of creativity for customers, he said.


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